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Noe Released Her Enticing Hit "Camomilla”

Noe was born in Sicily, which is a small town next to Corleone in 1998. She began polishing her skills in music at the early age of 10, beginning with piano and singing! She completed her studies by attending an academy in Milan, which expanded her knowledge on music. Her first self-published album is titled “Non Lo So” and she recently signed a contract with the Italian label Nufabric. With them she published “La vita è bellissima” and the latest song “Camomilla”

“Camomilla” is an enticingly beautiful record. The piercing development throughout the song creates an atmospheric aura around your entire mood. You enter an ‘escape’ while listening to Camomilla and it’s quite riveting. Her poignant vocals and the blissful melodies seeps into your brain for a memorable effect. She catches her listeners with her breathtaking delivery and symphonic chord progression in the beat. What’s so intriguing about this record is the lyrics sung in a relentless and introspective manner. However, she’s an artist who pays homage to her cultural background and who she is. We say that because the song is sung in a completely different language from English, creating a new dimension to the song and adding a more gorgeous and ethical image to the record. “Camomilla” is highly flavorful with many different elements that you find yourself engrossing over. If it isn’t Noe’s harmonically-rich hook, or the surprising transitions in the beat, then maybe it’s the fluently articulated language? Whatever it is, you will find yourself absorbed completely by “Camomilla” and Noe as an artist!

Listen to " Camomilla here and get to know more about Noe below!

Hi Noe, it's great to be talking to you! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi all! My name is Noe and I’m Italian. I’m from a small town in Sicily but now I live in Milan. When I was a child I used to spend whole days playing piano, losing completely time perception. I love to tell my life though my music and share it with others, so I started playing gigs all around Italy as Busker. From the street I ended up producing my own first EP and now I published my second single with the Italian label Nufabric.

How has your environment impact your style in any way?

I grew up in Sicily, where traditions and folk musics mix together with mediterranean sounds and sea. Then I moved to Milan, a cosmopolitan city, where my music get contaminated with sound from all around the world. In few years I’ve experimented lots of genre, playing in many festival and in many cities. Playing as a Busker, portability and mobility is an influent factor. Instruments need to be small, handy, lightweight and battery operated. I’ve started with a Tinypiano and an ukulele, today I play synth and a MPC (obviously always battery operated)

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Camomilla” for you?

I started writing the song in the morning, and after 2 hour the melody and the lyrics were already finished. The hardest thing was the art direction, that’s because lately I felt the urge of change, to research something that was truly mine. The song is about introspection and I wanted to recreate the same voice drone that circles in your head when you’re worried or not can get to sleep.

How could our readers differentiate “Camomilla” from your other recent release “La vita è bellissima”?

As mentioned before, I felt the need to change, to play something that represent my conscious today.“La vita è bellissima” it’s still me, but with “Camomilla” I go deeper. I’m an happy person, but happy people have sleepless nights too. two sides of the same coin, but I’m glad to be like this, I feel complete 

What part in “Camomilla” do you find to be the highlight of the entire song?

All the time that I sing camomilla, from the recording studio to the stage, I feel each second of it. I think that one of the most powerful phrases is “I don’t stand in the mirror anymore”. That’s because when you grow up you stand in the mirror rarely, to put some make up or to brush your teeth, but always less to look inside yourself, to understand you. “Camomilla” is a promise for me, to look up more for myself and not neglect me.

Anything exciting coming up for you? What can we expect next!

My aim is to research minimalism and essential. I grew up a bit, I don’t care anymore of people judging. I have a clear view of what I want now and I’ll go for it showing what I truly am. I’m satisfied of this turn, at least for now, and I think a new album is my next stop!!


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