NOHO's DRUNK CANYON Is Ready to Bring the Dance to the Party With New Release "Cyan"

DRUNK CANYON a Hyper-pop producer from North Hollywood whose music is channeled by heavy vocoder effects and distortion. His only goal in music is to entertain the listener and throw them onto a blank canvas where they can paint their world.

DRUNK CANYON recently released his energized single "Cyan" and it will bring the dance party. "Cyan" features a piano riff that keeps the fundamental groove of the tune, bouncing evolving drum rhythms and a vocal that dramatically transforms throughout the song. Every section of "Cyan" evolves into a new pulse that will constantly keep you on your toes. The drums evolve from being a bouncy groovy to an explosive dance-centric rhythm in the chorus. The vocal performance and tone is the highlight on this record; it goes from a mild vocoded sound that repeats the main hook of "Cyan" to a deeper effected sound that grabs your attention and pulls you in before letting you go with tons of energy with its intense distortion effects on the chorus. This is a colorful record that DRUNK CANYON set's out to put you into your world and this record does exactly that. We can't wait to hear what else DRUNK CANYON is cooking up.

Listen to "Cyan" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DRUNK CANYON! We're lost in the world you created with "Cyan"! What was the songwriting and production process like for this?

"Cyan" came to life, the same way most of my songs, late-night production and a lot of weed. I love losing myself to my music while I'm making it.

Your style is defined by your distorted and vocoded vocal effects, could you talk to us about how you achieve those? What had inspired that processing?

Those are the sounds I fell in love with when I discovered genres such as anti-pop and hyper pop. Distorting human sounds to a chaotic digital noise is such a good way to be sharp with the emotions you're portraying with your music. Artists who definitely inspired my process are Dylan Brady and Laura Les from 100 gecs, Jean Dawson, Peachy Pavement, Aries and all those soda commercials from the 2000s.

How do you set out to put the listener into their own world? Do you have a thought process or production process that helps with this?

Whenever I make music, I only have one thing in mind: making music I would listen to. If it sounds crazy in my head and makes me lose myself into it, it's probably going to happen with someone else.

What about your inspirations makes them an inspiration for you? How has the work that they do inspire the music you create? Do you have any new ideas for future songs?

They inspire me to keep being myself and doing my sounds. Even if it sounds weird to someone, to someone else might be the dopest track they've ever heard. They are true to themselves as people and as artists, and I try to do the same when I make my music. And yes, my new ideas are already executed in another song, Black, featuring Ju Fornazari, which is from the same upcoming project, coming out on 4/10!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect 2020 to be the year of DRUNK CANYON.