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Nolen's "My Kundalini" Radiates Energy

Nolen R. Chew Jr., the musical maestro from Star Prairie, Wisconsin, unveils his latest sonic masterpiece under the moniker of The Star Prairie Project with the release of "My Kundalini." This musical endeavor is not just about creating songs; it's a vibrant celebration of originality and the electrifying fusion of talents from LA to London.

As the name suggests, "My Kundalini" delves into the spiritual realm, referencing the powerful rise of Nolen's soul. However, this is not your typical serene yoga soundtrack. Instead, Nolen injects an amplified essence of rock and raucous energy into the mix, creating a heavy-hitting banger that defies expectations.

In the world of yoga, Kundalini is often associated with zen and peace as it's associated with a form of divine feminine energy, but Nolen adds a twist by exploring the unsettling aspects that accompany awakening this spiritual force and shows how the ebb and flows of energy come together to produce otherworldly excellence.

The song becomes a transformative experience, transporting listeners through its dynamic soundscape. Nolen's lyrical motifs, though simplistic, carry a poignant weight, leaving room for interpretation and sparking the listener's imagination to unearth personal meanings.

The magic of "My Kundalini" lies not only in its thematic exploration but also in Sandrine Orsini's vocal delivery. His croons are an angelic cry with a perfect blend of grit and emotion, adding layers of depth to the song. Each note resonates with the soul, creating an immersive experience that captivates from start to finish.

As a songwriter and visionary, Nolen has successfully crafted a heavy-hitting anthem that rocks the airwaves and the spirit. "My Kundalini" invites you to dance with the mystical, embrace the unknown, and revel in the electrifying energy of The Star Prairie Project.


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