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Nolle Sends Out a Sarcastic "congratulations"

The overall creative flow of 21-year-old Nolle has her talents reigning from Canada. Born into generations of family musicians, she resides in Vancouver, BC, taking her multifaceted ways to Music Management while writing and producing her musical creations.

She showcases a profound understanding of her emotions, especially in her songwriting abilities with a sound often described as experimental indie soft rock. Nolle continues to push the boundaries by beginning to make a name for herself as a much-needed strong female voice in a male-dominated industry.

As an unconventional resonance pours from the artistic grasp of Nolle, we're open to a world that is timid in its diverse hues. At the same time, the compelling nature of her most recent release, "congratulations," takes on many forms possessed by the eccentric approach.

Dipping into the slow-tempo that remains backed with an ethereal atmosphere, the consistent transition that drops and peaks through a time signature that is meant to break free from normalcy defines the origin of Nolle and her malleability when it comes to forming soundscapes. There'sThere's an abundance of imagination that swirls as this piece pulsates through the speakers.

With Nolle'sNolle's intimate vocal performance having a laid-back flow that trickles through your mind with ease, there's a soothing ambiance that comes from the amalgamation of sonic inclinations brought forth. Through the darkest moments that are reflected in the moonlight of lyrics, words such as,' ' until you began falsely stating that you're innocent and confessed you quit loving the me you made,'' allow us to feel the melancholy that's laced into this composition.

Going with the motions in a way that has us latching onto the seemingly intense overflow of virtuoso offerings, "congratulations" strays from the song's title and takes us on a varied avenue of the intended meaning.


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