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Nomie! Sweetens Our Days With, "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)"

Hailing from Hemet, CA, the R&B artist and singer-songwriter Nomie! releases a sultry and desirous single with "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)."

With a versatile discography, Nomie! stretches her sounds from r&b/neo-soul to pop, rock, hip-hop, and more through her beautifully blended vocals and sonic atmospheres. Part of the music/entertainment collective Respect The Real (RTR), Nomie! strives to be in the company of her inspirations like Beyoncé, Jasmine Sullivan, Victoria Monét, and more.

She is now releasing her sweet r&b single, "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)," Nomie! expresses her desirous and playful lyricism while bringing listeners into a passionate story of requited passion. Also featuring the hip-hop stylings of Uraelb, he offers incredible depth through his honest approach and genuine bars. While the sonics take us to cloud 9 through each r&b tone and element, we're truly amazed by such a thorough and tasty single.

Opening "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)" is an incredibly tender and lush r&B soundscape through a wavy electric guitar, a sugary bassline, and delicate drum patterns. As Nomie!'s vocals begin to float down from the heavens above, she offers her passionate and poetic lyricism to stop any listener dead in their tracks with her naturally captivating performance.

We feel similar sonic and instrumental tones to Thundercat through this sweet single, especially through the groovy and sensual bassline that leads the song through each transition. As Uraelb begins rhythmically rapping of being in awe by a soul he's finally connected with, we begin our venture into the outro with each soothing and alluring element of this divine piece.

Dive into a passion with help from Nomie!'s recent single, "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)," now available for you to sink your teeth in on all digital streaming platforms.

We're truly in awe of such a passionate and groovy r&b single like "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)." When did you begin creating ideas for this track?

I began writing for Sugar Honey in the fall of 2018. I think then I was just focused on getting out these emotions I had, which turned into the premise of the song. The first draft of the song was actually a little different than the completed version because of the emotions I had evolved. It took me a while to really be able to put them into words but now she’s here and I love the way things turned out.

Was it easy to write about such fluid and passionate emotions for "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)"? What was your songwriting process like"?

It was easier to write for Sugar Honey because, unlike a lot of my other music, this was actually written with someone in mind lol. At the time I was seriously feeling this dude and I’m not a shy person (to a certain extent). I’m really reserved in certain aspects of my life Including relationships so I was really nervous to tell him how I felt and I needed a way to get these feelings out lol. I did actually end up telling him and he turned me down so I didn’t get a relationship, but I got a song so that’s still a win from all this.

What drew you to the stylings of Uraelb to feature on your single "Sugar Honey (feat. Uraelb)"? Why did you feel that he would complement the song's tone and feel?

When I think of UraelB as an artist, a thinker, and just an overall person, I think he’s just so... different ya know? Like fresh, never done before, really set apart from everyone and that shows especially in his music. For Sugar Honey, I also wanted it to be something new and different and the production on it almost makes me feel like I’m outer space (if you can picture that) lol. Like if I was in a spaceship exploring I’d turn this song on vibe and I think he matched perfectly with that energy and that vibe which I was really happy about.

Could you tell us more about the collective Respect The Real? What does the collective stand for and strive to represent?

Respect The Real as a collective [to me] is exactly what the name says, REAL. I think everyone a part of this collection is so authentically talented and themselves and amazing. There’s just so much everyone has to offer and that is what makes us different from everyone else. Every single member of the collective does an equally amazing thing, there are no weak links. Everyone is super talented in their own right and we all help each other and genuinely want to see each other win which isn’t something you see these days.

What's next for you?

The next steps for me are just branding and expanding. Of course, I plan to release more music in the future but I’ll definitely be in grind mode to solidify who I am as an artist and create a platform for myself. I have a lot of creative content in the works from live performances to getting my social media presence up, to merch so definitely be on the lookout for that! It’s the Nomie! World takeover for a real man.





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