North Carolina Artist O.W.E Is Putting 48Street Entertainment On The Map With Newest Single, “WE ARE

O.W.E is an artist off 48street Entertainment. 48street Entertainment represents the state of NC. O.W.E started music while he was in the US army. If you need more knowledge about the background of this artist and this entertainment then you might want to check out their single titled “WE ARE 48STREET”. On this record, O.W.E basically gives the listener a rundown on who they are and what they represent. The beat had this nice clubbing aesthetic to it while the hook was melodic and addictive. You can tell O.W.E exudes enthusiasm through his music simply by catching the contagious energy from “WE ARE 48STREET”. O.W.E had a clean-slated delivery alongside a fire flow. His breath control, stamina, and arrangement of his verses showed great skill. In my opinion, “WE ARE 48STREET” showcases unity, teamwork, and companionship. These are key themes that I believe people in life need to represent for their own individual characters! I loved how O.W.E is basically like “We are here, and we aren’t going anywhere” however, you can still feel apart of the family despite not being physically apart of the collective. This warm-welcoming feel transpires in-between the infectious melodies. O.W.E is putting 48Street Ent. into the spotlight with a witty hit many people will find themselves enjoying!

Check out "WE ARE 48STREET" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

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