Not Afraid To Speak Their Mind, Litvar Releases, "No One Tastes Like You"

The town of Willimantic is home to a new rock group that is taking the music industry by storm.

Litvar is a group made up of three talented artists who are passionate about their music and the message they are trying to send with it. The group has only been together for a short time, but they have already made a significant impact with their debut album, 'The Greatest Movie of All Time.'

Litvar is a band that is not afraid to speak their mind or show their emotions. They are passionate about what they believe in and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Their music is a reflection of this, as it is full of energy and emotion. They are a band that is not afraid to show their feelings or be vulnerable.

The new single, "No One Tastes Like You," is a perfect example of the band's talent for writing catchy yet meaningful songs. The song is about the pain of losing a loved one and realizing that no one can replace them.

Litvar is a band that is quickly gaining popularity, and it is easy to see why. They are a group that is full of energy, emotion, and passion. They are a band that is not afraid to speak their mind or show their feelings. If you are looking for a new band to check out, be sure to give Litvar a listen.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Litvar! We love your excited and lively track. It takes us back to young love. What inspired this song?

The song ‘No One Tastes Like You' went through a lot of changes before it was finally released this year, but the beginnings actually come from a demo Rex made back when they were in high school. Those early beginnings definitely contributed to the high energy, youthful sound the song ended up with. What was the most rewarding part about creating "No One Tastes Like You"? What did you appreciate most from experience?

For the first time ever on a Litvar song, ‘No One Tastes Like You’ was recorded as a one off single, with no regard for fitting in with other tracks on an album or EP. This lets us really push the boundaries of what we would normally do, trying to fit into ‘a sound’, and we came out with a track that really just felt like so much fun. What does “No One Tastes Like You” mean to you? How can listeners understand you and your music better through this song?

It’s a really interesting song for us because we go a lot heavier than our instincts have been lately. Especially with our sophomore album, every song is either driven by piano or acoustic guitar, so going into a track with full turned-up electrics meant a lot for us to dive more into that world, even if just for a single. How does “No One Tastes Like You” contrast your previous releases? How does this song stand out in terms of lyricism, sound, and concepts?

The most obvious contrast to our previous record is definitely the addition of Violet on vocals. The first album we did entirely as a two-piece, but it’s so exciting now to have Violet’s brain, bass, and voice featured prominently in our music. What's next for you?

We’re super excited to get into the release of our next album, ‘Eloquently Aimless’, as we feel like it’s the best music we’ve ever made. Until then, we’re continuing to tour across the U.S., meeting amazing new people every show we play! We’ll be back on the road again in our local East Coast this fall.