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Not Blinded By the Bias, Lucidious Works to Boycott the GRAMMY's

Lucidious is an entrepreneur and hip-hop artist from outside the Washington, D.C. area. Currently located in Los Angeles, he has built a fan base in the hundreds of thousands and has totaled over 100 million streams across all available platforms.

His music takes a strong stand on mental health awareness, personal struggles, and the pressure that many people face in our fast-paced, tech-driven society. With his most recent single and music video, “Grammy Weeknd,” being released ahead of the biggest weekend in the music industry known as The GRAMMY Weekend, Hip-hop artist Lucidious is standing in solidarity with his fellow artists as “Grammy Weeknd,” is an undeviating attack towards the gatekeepers of the music industry.

Swaying between hues of blue and orange, the contrast of deep to warm lighting used in the music video is prevalent. Focusing on Lucidious boxed into a room isolated from the rest of civilization, we can only begin to let our head stray to the metaphor that lurks within this scene. With nothing but a couch, lamp, static television, and a broken mirror, Lucidious is left with his own thoughts driving himself crazy as he pours out his reflections through impeccably timed verses and buttery cadences that roll off the tongue.

As he progresses through the dominant emotions taking over his being, we can see the scenes carrying through with the ominous lighting as we shift to Lucidious rapping intimately in a shipping container, and one on one in a reclining chair. Touring us through more of the realizations that may not be so apparent to the average Joe, Lucidious is here to put the music industry on blast.

Lucidious’ music video ends with a limo party and final scene that has him sporting a similar blazer and sunglasses that The Weeknd rocks in the “Blinding Lights,” music video in fact paying homage to his great talents and replicating the opening scene that we know and love. Lucidious’ call to take action to right the wrongs that have become standard industry practices leave us feeling inspired and searching for a change.

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