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NotaSlave Hits Us With His Latest “Fire Within”

NotaSlave is a new upcoming artist from Chicago, IL. Growing up, this artist had struggles as a child. Coming from a home of drug addiction and a suicide attempt, music was the only thing that gave him hope that God existed. Making the decision to pursue his truest dreams, NotaSlave was able to start sharing his story musically. He is currently signed to Victory Records LLC in Dayton, OH. NotaSlave chooses not to share his face because he wants people to love the music despite. You can find this artist on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

This Hip-Hop track “Fire Within” is jam packed with heat! This single is has some trap background within the production. He uses his lyrics to tell a story about the pain, the struggles and the life he has gone through. There is a low, deep electric tone strumming throughout this track that gives it a dark sound. Definitely a compliment to the lyrics. Sharing himself and taking his music to a level that only a passionate artist would go. NotaSlave is spitting his life through "Fire Within" and giving a chance for the world to hear it.


Listen here:


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