Notche is Back With High-Energy Single, "Meli Melo"

After a short hiatus, singer/songwriter and fun-spirited music artist Notche is back to share his reconstructed and elevated sound. Notche's past music includes his hit single, "IM BLESSED," which was the feature track on his self-titled EP. Fast-forward through his intermittent break, and Notche is back with a new and improved sound.

If you aren't familiar with the style of Notche, he's the kind of artist that offers a great time. His charismatic approach to delivering his vocals is what draws most listeners in. But, it's really his heartwarming demeanor that sparks a certain kind of attraction, which especially goes for his recent song release.

Good vibes are satisfyingly flowing in "Meli Melo," the most recent track release offered by Notche. With a smooth, upbeat rhythm, it's ready to find yourself moving your body along to the infectious melody offered in the song. "Meli Melo" takes on a tropical-like tone, which can manifest a freeing, exotic, and appealing sensation.

Notche displays diversity in "Meli Melo" by incorporating more than one language into the song. The language blend is incredibly complementary to his vocal style, and he's able to deliver his vocals in a sultry type of way. We're impressed with the versatility that Notche displayed with "Meli Melo," and we can't wait to see how he'll challenge himself artistically with future music.

Stay tuned for more music from Notche, as he's just getting started on sharing his fresh and restored sound. For now, "Meli Melo" is available on major streaming platforms.