Note the Making of Danny Cano's Upcoming Documentary, "The Indestructible 5"

The Los Angeles native and Actor/Musician Danny Cano is undergoing a unique creative endeavor with his upcoming Documentary/Web Series, "The Indestructible 5." With his self-produced show "The Indestructible Podcast," Danny Cano is no stranger to online culture. Teaming up with Producer Hauk to collaborate on Cano's upcoming Alt-Pop/Rock singles, he felt that the experience needed to be captured, not just in his memory.

Taking on a different method to track the creation of his five upcoming singles, Danny Cano decided to put on his Director hat and shoot the making of his songs, calling the documentary "The Indestructible 5."

With the short introduction video, Danny Cano released giving us a prelude to "The Indestructible 5," we must note that the video made us giggle within seconds. We can feel this warm presence that naturally exudes from Danny Cona's personality as he begins speaking with excitement and passion about the upcoming documentary/web series.

Danny Cona clearly captures the fun-loving and lighthearted route he plans to take with "The Indestructible 5," as he's made the introduction incredibly comedic through humorous sound effects, amusing memes, and Danny Cona's witty one-liners. Shedding vast excitement and enthusiasm for the release of his five upcoming singles, we're excited to watch Danny Cona's documentary "The Indestructible 5" and observe his artistic creation behind the scenes.

Watch "The Indestructible 5" here.

We're incredibly excited to watch your creative process behind the scenes through your upcoming documentary/web series "The Indestructible 5." How did you come up with the idea for the documentary?

Thank you! Ya, I've always just loved how with the internet age especially with Instagram, that stars can give us behind the scenes looks at working on a set or working in a studio. So I had been thinking of ways to give my fans a way to see the journey of the creative process of writing and reworking songs. I feel now especially more than anything it's so important as an artist to connect with your fans (who I call heroes) I have been able to share sides of my personality with my heroes through my podcast "The Indestructible Podcast" available on all podcast platforms. With that, I was able to showcase some of my comedic sides by interviewing people and just being my goofy self. I also recently was able to work with the great director Victor Aguilar serving as the lead actor for his new short film "It Happened One Day in East LA" streaming on Amazon: with that, I would post updates and information on my Instagram and saw how people would ask questions and be invested in the whole journey, which is what inspired me to do the documentary. Also, it helps when you own your own production company "Indestructible Productions" haha.

We've heard that you plan on instilling the same comedic humor into "The Indestructible 5," as you did with the documentary's introduction video. How do you plan on doing so?

Haha ya, I feel like everything I do will always have a comedic tinge to it. It's just a part of who I am, I love making people laugh and entertaining. Like everyone else I love online memes love comedy videos that are shown on places like TikTok and YouTube and just always thought it would be dope if an artist combined comedy with making music. I feel like if you take yourself too seriously it wouldn't make for something entertaining to watch. Also, you have to try to appeal to the most people possible, so maybe if someone is not necessarily interested in the music they would stick to watch the comedy.  It also helps that my producer is the great Hauk Heimdallsman whose also a goofball like me so it's nothing but good vibes.

Seeing as "The Indestructible 5" is said to be a comedy documentary, might we see any challenging or difficult moments you encountered during the creation of your five singles?

Definitely, I'm serving as the director of the documentary and want to make sure there are times where you see the struggle of trying to figure out a drum part or seeing me figure out a vocal melody. I want it to be entertaining to watch but I also take my music and the creative process very seriously. I feel sometimes with social media we only ever see the best sides of people. Especially with celebrities we only ever see the perfect photos or them succeeding. My whole thing has always been to be brutally honest and show the scars, show how I've been figuring it out as I go. I feel like that struggle and journey gives people someone to root for. My whole thing is I want to inspire some kid out there maybe they watch an episode they laugh but they also see that hey that guy is doing it all himself he's playing all the instruments if he can do it maybe I can too.  

Regarding the shooting process for "The Indestructible 5," are you working with anyone else to help record and edit the documentary? Or is this a solo endeavor of your own?

I definitely couldn't do it myself I have my "Indestructible Squad" that's been with me since the beginning. My business partner and editor Is actor and entrepreneur Daniel Leiva whose always been by my side in terms of filming. We started our production company filming local open mic shows for comedians and filming online comedy videos for people we wanted to challenge ourselves now by making a documentary. Daniel's mind sees things mine couldn't he's the person I trust the most creatively film-wise there's a reason I call him my blood brother. I also have my two visual artists Andy & Steve Rodriguez who are a father-son visual artist duo who have helped me come up with all my merch designs as well as my logos and my mascot the loveable little spud "Punchy" my smiling beat up mascot. I also have my official merch distributor DAG covering all my podcasts and merch designs.

What has been keeping you inspired through hard times?

What keeps me inspired is my heroes! I feel it would be so easy to dwell on negatives and let them get to you. Does it suck that as a performer I can't go out and perform on stage, absolutely it's what I love, it's who I am? But you have to find ways to persevere to help give people inspiration. Also my 3 siblings in particular Alex, Gabi, and Andy they are my 3 little stars, my inspiration to show them that someone like the US could succeed. I love them with all my heart and feel as a Latinx person in the limelight it's my duty to inspire young Latinx people all over the world that they can succeed, they can dream, they can sing, they can start a podcast, they can own a production company. That's what inspires me.