Nothing Shy About The Season's Assured New Track "Timid"

Various tones of synthesized raps lead us into The Season's latest hit "Timid." His clever rhymes bring an entertaining sense of character that shows The Season's fresh personality through his lyrics. The Season is a Hip Hop / Rap artist residing in Atlanta, GA who aims to energize and resonate with his listeners worldwide.

His first mixtape was released in 2013 and generated over 4,000 plays within the first two days. Since then, The Season has released 3 albums, 5 singles, and has been acknowledged as an emerging talent within the Hip Hop industry.

"Timid" has a faint acoustic guitar that plays familiar notes throughout the track, as the ruthless 808 beat grinds over top. The repeating harmony embedded behind The Season's rhymes adds a melodic aspect to this hard-hitting track.

The Season adds creative lyrical play throughout his rhymes that articulate the content of the track in fresh and inventive ways. His rhymes are grin-inducing; we particularly liked the sequence of rhymes "Just to calm my nerves I rolled up a sticky, I threw some diamonds on and started dancing like diddy-" as we listen along we are adorning ourselves with our glorified costume jewelry and bouncing around the room jiving with "Timid."

Trust us when we tell you, there is nothing timid about the moves this track has us producing.

Hello The Season and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest hit "Timid." The song has such a comfortable and inviting flow, what did you envision for this track, and do you feel you achieved that on the final product? First off I'd like to thank you guys for having me and for the generous response regarding my new single "Timid". For this specific track, I envisioned an upbeat track with smooth melodies explaining my thoughts on where I am currently at in my career. As for the final product, I am really satisfied. My producer BCKGRND and I were able to complete this track within two weeks and it definitely covered all the bases when it comes to what I expect with all of my material. 

"Timid" really isn't all that 'timid' in its encompassing atmosphere of sound it creates. Can you explain a bit about your process in building accompanying rhythms and harmonies? When BCKGRND had sent me the beat, I immediately resonated with it and knew that I could really create something that the fans would love. I had already been writing the lyrics for this song so once I heard the rhythm I knew it would be a perfect fit for our most recently released project. The harmonies placed into this track were special and quite honestly I spent most of my time on this track recording those deeply rooted harmonies that you are hearing. My focus was on deepening the emotional impact of this specific project. 

You mentioned your mother was an exceptional flute player and through her musical associations inspired you to launch your own journey in music. Does your mom still play a role in the directions you take your art? My mother was in fact a masterful flute player and a huge inspiration for my musical career. Ever since I started my mother has played a huge role in the direction I take when developing my artistry. I am a big believer that she has given me the gifted ability to create unique music and for that, I am forever indebted to her. Many industry professionals would agree that the flute is in fact responsible for lifting the appearance in some of the best Hip Hop tracks of all time. Although it is not incorporated into every one of my songs, I do enjoy adding some flute sounds into my material. 

We like the inference between the four seasons of the weather and your music. In what ways has your music evolved since launching your career? Originally I had one sound and couldn't really deviate from that certain sound. Vocally I have been able to evolve immensely with the help of coaches, my manager, and mentors within the industry. The "four-season of weather" metaphor that accompanies my name was developed a few years ago and has a heavy influence on how my career has evolved over time.  

What will you be working on next, The Season?

My team and I have been working on my new album called "Sophisticated Ignorance" which will be released sometime in Fall 2020. However, I do have a pre-release single called "I'ma Ride" which will be featured on "Sophisticated Ignorance". We recently decided to release "I'ma Ride" on June 29th, 2020 due to the times we are currently experiencing since this song discusses the injustices within our country. Unrelated to our next projects, we have been in talks with two major labels who have expressed interest in joining forces.