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Nova Premieres Brand New EP "The Jazzmen Invasion"

Nova moved to LA from the UAE in late 2017 with nothing but a vision. A vision of becoming a musician, pushing the envelope & connecting with people everywhere. Nova is elated to share this part of him to the world and is as anticipated about his project as we are.

Nova released his EP and the project was captivating. It begins with the record, “Work Of Fiction”. “Work Of Fiction” instantly begins with a calming introduction, highlighting jazz elements and it just instantly excites me. Being a lover of the smooth-jazz genre, I was already captivated by the record. Hoping this record would turn out into a relaxing, ballroom jazz- sound, Nova confirms my hopes with his serene voice and delivery that brought the uppermost joy on his listener. “Work Of Fiction” had me so attentive I began to wonder what was next. The excitement you receive from listening to this comes in a natural connection from artist to listener, and the magical transformation of listener to “fan”. Nova has that special quality to his sound that transforms you into an instant fan of his, and “Work Of Fiction” is the caress-able introduction to the EP that gets you comfortable and ready for what’s next!

The next single off this EP, “Electrocute” had a mystic vibe to it that matched the nomadic lyrics. The theatrical introduction and up-beat, soulful Jazz was a nice subsequent to the medium-slow paced record you heard prior. Nova delivered a chilled rap flow while remaining true to his jazz artistry. The funky bass and instrumental production creates a nice blues mix to “Electrocute”. “Electrocute” was much needed to add a significant enhancement of versatility. You electrocuted us with your extravagant sound Nova, what’s next?

Nova delivers with his sensual, smooth-sailing, and passionate record “Intimate” with a high-level of romance surrounding the atmosphere of the record. “Intimate” is completely different from the opening two singles which is what we loved so much about the song! I think by this point of listening, I’m just highly mesmerized by Nova’s ability to bring complexity to his artistry. It’s like you’re exploring his personal genre of music in a more in-depth, and contextual exploration. The surface appeal to the EP with the multi-faceted layers within, has the listener excited for the next discovery to the project. The next discovery was something magical!

The next record “Beloved” had an entire different approach than the other songs. The eclectic production projected a more Pop aura. The melodies of the record and the style of the arrangement was something similar to a soulful, and funky pop song an artist like Bruno Mars would create, however it was just all-around absorbing. Nova claims that he started writing “Beloved” in 2018. He recalls the opening lyrics slipping out of him one instance where he was participating in the 1-song-a-day-30-days-challenge. Which in my opinion, means that this record is the leading single of the project.

The next single “Extraordinary Extraterrestrial” went back to the funky jazz that was presented early on in the project, however Nova gave a more witty lyrical approach to an actual hard-hitting and thought provoking idea. This added a new dimension to the caliber of songwriting Nova had. The up-beat tempo was great to add a little more energy to the record! Nova ends this relaxing, and charming EP with the groovy, and enticing sounds of “Beloved” but in an extended version! I personally became a fan to Nova’s musicality and charisma that he presented in each song, while also creating depth to each record and the EP as a whole. Nova is no doubt in mind, a rising icon.

Listen to the EP here and get to know more about Nova below!

Nova, you have a strong Jazz presence to your sound! Would you consider this one of your music influences? If so why and if not, mind naming a few?

Jazz is definitely one of my biggest influences. I grew up liking various types of music & as I grew, my tastes evolved. I was always partial to music that was more expressive & energetic in nature, which is why I always cite jazz, funk, & hip-hop as the 3 major catalysts of my sound. If it can make me dance, it's music I love & want to make. I always tell people my sound is neither Jazz nor Funk, it's Jazz+Funk. 

What’s the name of this EP as a whole!?

The EP is called The Jazzmen Invasion. I call it that because it's a personal experiment of mine to inject jazz into a variety of genres to prove that it can make them more exciting. This EP is about Jazz's invasion on other genres of music!

Which song was your personal favorite to create and why? Which was the most challenging?

It's hard for me to pick a favorite because of how involved in the process I was when making each of these songs. They've all kept me up nights, they've all challenged me to become a better musician & bandleader, & they all talk about me & share insights about my life & struggles.

Out of all the songs off your EP, which do you feel is the most reflective of your artistry and style?

I think Electrocute is the most reflective of my artistic energy & identity. I grew up loving all forms of music, but I've always been slightly more partial to jazz, funk, & hip-hop. Electrocute is the one track on The Jazzmen Invasion that combines all 3 of those genres. So I see that a lot more songs in my future would build off of the Electrocute formula!

What’s next for you through 2019?

Well, I'm going to be taking these songs live with a new band that I've put together. We're called Funk Sway, & we've already played a very successful show at the Whisky a Go-Go. So, I'm planning an L.A. tour, & see how people all around this beautiful city connect to my music. Because, ultimately, that's what I set out to do: connect with people from all over the world in a language we all understand -- Music.


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