Nova Rose Drops a Breakup Anthem, “Just in Case”

Montréal based Singer/Songwriter Nova Rose releases her hopeful single “Just in Case."

Making her way to her debut album, Nova Rose being a classically trained vocalist and violinist has effortlessly pulled in a fanbase through getting radio airplay across Quebec and accumulating over half a million streams.

With the release of her heartfelt single “Just in Case,” we can hear Nova Rose’s vulnerability as she sings lyrics of keeping a line open for someone she’s loved and lost. With modern pop and R&B production, the beat blasts through with heavy piano chords and fluttery background synths. Nova Rose really didn’t come to play, as the single instantly locks in our attention from the jump.

“Just in Case” starts with more of an atmospheric R&B beat with soft percussion elements and soothing background synths. Once Nova Rose begins singing, her warm vocals grace over the track with pure passion, yet she’s confused about why she stays waiting for one specific person. She sings heavy lyrics of waiting by her phone and letting other people go, “Just in Case” this person decides to return. A track that reaches your heart and keeps you listening through hi-fi pop production, it’s evident that after creating this track Nova Rose has become very patient by waiting for someone she truly loves. “Just in Case” has us turning up the volume and turning up the vibes.

Listen to "Just In Case" here.

Hey Nova Rose, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the vibes you portray with your recent single “Just in Case”. What inspired you to write a song about waiting for someone you love, even when it becomes difficult?

Just hearing stories about my friends going through something similar along with my personal experience inspired me to write this track. I think falling in love in the 21st century could be tough since we’re so caught up with social media and superficial things! I wanted to write something that girls and guys would be able to relate to, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Your single “Just in Case” has a very intriguing aspect to it, being the energetic and hi-fi pop production while Nova Rose sings more of a heartfelt message. What made you take this anthemic pop route with the instrumentals, rather than something more calm and reflective?

It was necessarily done purposely, but I am an artist who likes having fun while also sharing a message. Listening to it once, you may not get every meaning behind the track but I think that’s what makes music intriguing and magical to listeners. 

We’ve heard that Nova Rose is dropping a long-awaited album very soon. Why did you choose to start your journey towards the album by releasing “Just in Case”? Might we see “Just in Case” on your debut album?

Just in Case will definitely be on the album! For me, this single is not only about relationships and navigating through them but also about anxiety. I tend to overthink A LOT and this song grounds me to remember not to do that and just have fun putting out music. 

Nova Rose has gathered quite the following after your first few singles. What makes your music so relatable, and how do you keep your audience coming back?

I’m super thankful for my listeners. I’ve received a lot of messages from them saying how much they relate to my music. I never thought people would react in this way, but it just shows me that if I’m real and genuine with what I put out, then people will see that.

What's next for you?

More music, this year is going to be insane! Then hopefully some festivals and collaborations with other artists!