NovaGhost Give Us True West Coast Hip Hop With His Single “I Will”

MC NovaGhost from Oakland California is delivering us the West Coast stylings within his music. Being impacted by artists like Too-Short, GhettoBoys, and Tupac, MC Novaghost is bound to make his legacy remembered. He released his single titled “I Will” and he shows us his MC abilities, alongside his ability to make his listeners envision the words he was speaking. MC NovaGhost gives you a laid-back and wavy vibe fused with a hard-hitting delivery and a funkadelic beat. The production in “I Will” reminded me a lot like the classic west coast hip-hop aesthetics with the hydraulic low rider cars. “I Will “ is the kind of song you can blast at a party and get the whole party hyped. The bars were charismatic and the arrangement was witty. MC NovaGhost had us head swaying and vibing with each lyric he delivered in this record.

This stylistic rap record was an impressive way for MC NovaGhost to deliver us his brilliant artistry and songwriting caliber. “I Will” was undeniably catchy. Loaded with large amounts of catchphrases and quotable bars that you can say over and over again. MC NovaGhost is known for his ability to light up a stage, hence the acronym (MC). This ability has granted Nova the opportunity to Open for such artists as Busta Rhymes, Mandisa, Dwayne Wiggins of the R&B group (Tony Toni Tone) and many more.

Listen to “I Will” by MC NovaGhost here.