"November" by Hunter Ambrose Is the Perfect Winter Track

Developing herself self as an artist for the last 6 years, Hunter Blair Ambrose is a pop and R&B singer/ songwriter. Originally from Manhattan, she has recorded and toured across the United States in cities such as; Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, Indianapolis, Orlando, Jacksonville, Washington DC, Bostin and New York City. Not shy to the international scene she has also lite up stages across the world in; Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Canada, Italy, and France. Hunter’s musical career kick-started as an undergraduate at Boston’s acclaimed Berklee College of Music. She was picked up by Tarpan Records’, Narada Michael Walden, producer to many of the greats including; Whiney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and George Michael. This summer she released her first debut single, “Right Now” and last month her second single, “November”.

“November”, features writing credits from RedOne and Lady Gaga! Taking hints from Gaga’s style, Hunter is able to match this mezzo-soprano vocal type with her own individual flair and finesse. Starting out soft and building at the chorus with phrases, “and in every year in mid-November, I’m the one you remember, nooo oh”. We especially love her vocal technique and wavering tones throughout the song. This track will no doubt light up the club with smooth echos and likable beats. It's that song you listen to once and can't get out of your head! It's perfect for all of your feel-good playlists for any occasion.

Listen to "November" here.

Hi Hunter and welcome back to BuzzMusic! You portray a new and upcoming pop changing, “November” is easy to like from the get-go. What inspired you to become an artist?

First of all, thank you for the compliment on ‘November’. That song was highly emotional and serves as a personal highlight of my career so far! I always had the ability to sing from a young age, but becoming an artist was something entirely different to me. I saw how iconic artists that I looked up to like Gaga, Michael Jackson and David Bowie really shaped culture and had a strong influence on their lives. Their careers shaped like and I strive to have an all-encompassing, multi-faceted career as they have had. 

Given that Lady Gaga is one of the writers involved in the creation of “November”, how much of her vocal style influenced your production and what was it like working with her?

We initially reached out to her team to interpolate a melody from her 2009 song Alejandro as the main hook to my song ‘November’. Her vocal style has had a tremendous influence on me and we wanted to echo the inspiration she’s given me in this track for sure.

How does “November” vs. “Right Now,” compare? Any common themes you are trying to express with these singles?

I jokingly have labeled my first single, ‘Right Now’, as hot girl summer and this new single ‘November’ as sad girl autumn! We really wanted to channel elements of the dark pop and alt-R&B styles that I love so much into this particular track. November is more melancholic, introspective and lyrical. We really wanted the soundscape to evoke the theme of being haunted and I think my producer and I achieved that. 

We love your pop/ R&B rendition; do you see yourself expanding on fusing other genres into your work?

I actually am starting new collaborative projects with house/EDM producers starting in 2020! That will be a new genre for me and I’m really excited. In terms of my next project, I think we’re going to implement some heavier industrial beats and deep house elements. 

Thank you for chatting with us, when can we expect your first album release?

My debut EP, Scorpio Season, is dropping at the end of this year to symbolically tie a big ribbon on the decade before 2020 begins. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. We’re planning on releasing a follow-up EP, Scorpio Season II, in October 2020.