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Novul Gives an Old Gem a New Twist in, “Runaway Baby (Feat. Cam Meekins)”

Given her name by Grammy producer, Poet Name Life of The Black Eyed Peas, Novul comes from a small town of 495 people in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Being no newcomer to the music and entertainment industry, she has spent two years in the studio articulating her voice and sounds. With her colorful and energetic album, ‘Lullabies,’ Novul set the tone for her audience to personally relate to her, and view her from a different lens. Taking poetic love songs to a newfound dimension, Novul is now known for her self-expression.

Kicking off 2021 by polishing off a previous sonic gem, Novul gives listeners a second serving to indulge in with the remix of “Runaway Baby.” Enlisting the prevailing sounds of Cam Meekins’ vocals, we’re struck with vulnerability from various standpoints as we tear into another side of the story. The dynamism between these two artists allows for this collaboration to ricochet through various cognizant avenues in our headspace as we dissect the pain that we hear from two different outlooks.

Accompanying the euphonious tenors of Novul, Cam Meekins lays down a verse that is honest and lyrically satisfying as he attacks the tantalizing beat with an emcee approach. Matching the energetic delivery, Novul is not only a talented songstress but she has a knack for being dominant with her verses as she approaches the second verse in the “Runaway Baby” remix by rapping.

With the thesis of “Runaway Baby,” honing in on the authenticity that trickles from heartbreak while establishing her name, Novul’s soul pours into a refreshing light of profound honesty. The sultry tones radiated in Novul’s sweet timbres are undeniable. You find yourself falling right into the poignant offering that she conveys to her audience from a place of good intention.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Novul, and congratulations on the release of “Runaway Bay (feat. Cam Meekins).” We love the fact that you brought more life to this song by revisiting it with a remix! What inspired you to approach this song with a different twist?

Thank you so much! Very excited to collaborate with you! After releasing “Runaway Baby” the first time and sharing my side of the story, I really wanted to add in the male’s perspective on the relationship because the song’s about the rollercoaster of ups and downs of a toxic relationship and there are two sides to every story, so I wanted to bring on a male rapper to give his thoughts and tell the full story.

The dynamic between yourself and Cam Meekins works remarkably! How did the collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another?

Collabing with Cam was awesome! I knew that I wanted a male feature on the track and I was a big fan of Cam’s single “Better Days” and just knew that with his songwriting skills, melodies, and his tone he would be the perfect addition to “Runaway Baby”. I just hit him up and he came back loving the song, which is what I loved the most about this collaboration because it showed that he genuinely wanted to be on the track. Some people do pay features just for the money and they don’t bring the same passion and excitement to the table, but knowing that Cam respected and loved the song as much as it did mean a lot to me and it was a perfect fit!

What does this song mean to you as an artist? What are you hoping that your fan base takes away from the messaging exposed?

“Runaway Baby” came from a poem I wrote about my ex. It was quite a rollercoaster of an up and down relationship dealing with someone fighting addictions. I wrote this poem from what it’s like being with someone struggling and basically always being there for them. I wanted to express this song in a more poetic way on the verses with my melodies and songwriting. The hook “runaway baby” came about because sometimes he would leave and disappear trying to get his fixes, and so turn into becoming my runaway baby. I would open my shows with this poem and my band would play soft melodies in the background, and people were coming up to me and saying “I loved that poem, it really resonated with me and what I’m going through” and I was like wow I really need to make this into a full song and that’s where it all started.

All of my tracks are very fun, empowering, upbeat songs and I hadn’t shown my more vulnerable side yet, so I wanted to be really truthful to my fans about what I’ve been through because I wasn’t open or shared a lot of my struggles when I was in this relationship. I wanted to connect with my fans through music by showing them what I’ve gone through, maybe even some similar situations that fans have experienced. We’re all human and we go through ups and downs, but, no matter what, we will always have music and art that we can turn to.

Congrats on going viral on TikTok. Do you find that TikTok plays into the direction you’re currently taking your music now?

I love TikTok! It’s a great platform for artists, especially with it being organic - it really shows you that your fans actually love your music and want to honor you through their own creativity. I don’t write my music geared towards TikTok, but I feel like my vibe, energy, personality, and music is already so fun and playful as TikTok, so I think it just works in both ways for the platform and sticking to my own musical roots.

What's next for you?

I have been working on new music that I am very excited to share! I have an upcoming single called “Chips N Dip” that I can’t wait to show the world along with a few others including “All My Man’s Exs” and “Mood About You” to name a few. I’ve been taking my time to prepare each one properly for their releases and am excited for what’s to come!



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