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NOW PLAYING: Brand New Music From Lia Mangouras “Bad Dreams”

Using music as a way to connect with people, Lia Mangouras puts her emotive words into songs and creates poetic ballads for the soul. From Los Angeles, Lia moved there after leaving college to pursue her dream. Fueled by her childhood influences of classic rock at home and electronic pop on the radio, Lia established her own unique sound. Equipped with stunning vocals and an ambient alt-pop aesthetic, Lia Magouras strives to create music that is authentic to the core. She explains that she shapes her sound specific to the way that her experience with music has touched her.

Fresh off the release of her new track “Bad Dreams”, Lia Mangouras is a force to be reckoned with. Produced by REIGN, “Bad Dreams” boasts Lia’s undeniable comfortability as an artist. She expresses vulnerability and takes the listener through the motions of this retrospective journey through her feelings. “Bad Dreams” is a powerful track about heartbreak being so terrifying it feels as if it’s a nightmare. Lia allows her fans and listeners to feel her pain and this is the admirable way that she is able to connect with them. Her meaningful message and raw delivery is evident throughout the overall catchy and alluring track. Mangouras has previously said that her songwriting is all about showing what’s in her heart and soul and I think she stays true to that theme throughout “Bad Dreams”. Melancholic yet modern and inspiring, add “Bad Dreams” to your summer playlist today!

Listen to “Bad Dreams” here!


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