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On The Rise: Panama Dreams Release New Song “Dreaming Out”

A product of the Yonkers, NY the band Panama Dreams stays true to their rugged upbringing. Often they’re admired by their ability to seamlessly mix different music genres together effortlessly, Panama Dreams delivers their music with a ferocity and presence that is much needed in current music. Their single “Dreaming Out” has this edgy, alternative rock projection in the hook while transitioning back to a soft, melodic and dream-like delivery. The song has this all-around grit that’s appreciated and seems to stick to their profound conviction of emotion and sentiment. I like the progressive climax in the vocals. They build power as the song moves alongside the lyrics, like a specific story they’re aiming to tell. It’s hard to say with their intricate, yet melodies and subtle lyrics, it would be easy for a listener to instantly decipher the meaning behind the music however, I believe we can dissect the song and uncover the context behind it which creates an imaginative moment for us.

Panama Dreams recently released their new music for their new single! Be sure to check out the video and full interview, below!

Listen to "Dreaming Out" here.

Hi there! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi, I'm Steven from the project Panama Dreams. 

How did you form the name “Panama Dreams”?

The name has a strange backstory. I was a solo singer songwriter in NYC for a bit and I was constantly switching up my stage name. Eventually a buddy of mine called me Panama Steve. I literally laughed out loud. Now the reason he called me "Panama" has a deeper meaning. Unfortunately, I don't think the statute of limitations is up. I'll give a little context. It involves a "connect" who was from Panama. Allegedly!

How has it been making music so far as a band?

Making music as a band has been a breeze honestly. I write all the songs, lyrics, and progressions. From there, my best friend Tony lays down drums and bass. So there's no contention or weird energy. Everyone serves an integral part, and we play to that really well.

Did you face in challenges in the creation of “Dreaming Out” ?

With "Dreaming Out" in particular it was the hook that came first. The pre chorus into the hook just came out from what I remember. I think I was going for more of a stream of consciousness approach for this one. In terms of challenges I often struggle most with what I call the “connective tissue” of the song. Which is those little moments that connect a verse and chorus. Or how to approach the bridge. The subtle dynamics are what challenge me the most. 

In your artist perspective, how would you interpret “Dreaming Out”?

Dreaming Out is completely autobiographical. It’s one of the few songs that had a bit of intention in the writing process. In most cases the song writes itself and then I attempt to create context from there. With “Dreaming Out” I was intentionally channeling my childhood. Being abandoned as a kid and dealing with drugs, violence, and poverty at a young age. The line “no shoes, a cold street was warmer than my heart” sums the song up pretty well. As a kid our environment shapes who we become later in life. If we are hurt, we build up walls to protect ourselves. A means of keeping the bad stuff out. In most cases we spend our entire lives breaking those walls down to let love in.

It’s about finding energy from struggle. Despite the dark undertones it’s a song about hope against all odds.

Have you guys went on tour yet? If not or if so, how do you plan on channeling your emotions live?

We haven’t been on a formal tour. We play out in the NYC area monthly, sometimes multiple times a month. We’re definitely a very active live band. I put a premium on being an emotionally honest performer so each night is a new night. There’s definitely a lot of angst on this album, but I never want to force the emotion. If I’m connecting to the piece of music in that moment it comes out very organically.


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