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Nowah Brings Grunge Back to Life in, "Beside You"

Based in his home state of Wyoming, the alternative artist and singer-songwriter Nowah releases a heavily grunge-inspired single entitled "Beside You."

Taking inspiration from alternative artists and singer-songwriters of the past decades like Cobain and Demarco, Nowah is excited to introduce his latest bodies of work that stem from a variety of influences. Using his time to print, press, and curate a unique lo-fi-infused alt-pop/rock sound, Nowah is ready to hit our speakers with his latest release.

His latest single, "Beside You" brings listeners into the hazy soundscapes of modern-day grunge and dreamy alt-rock. We can't help but hear his musical influences shine through on this track, as Nowah pushes a dense and emotional sonic landscape while piercing our ears with whaling/distorted guitars to make for a nostalgic yet contemporary listening experience.

Hitting play on "Beside You," the track opens with muffled electric guitar strums offering an immediate grunge approach. As Nowah's hazy and low vocals join the party alongside his down-tempo drum breaks and psychedelic synth arrangements, the track brings this intensely reflective and dreamy vibe that's bound to sweep listeners off their feet.

Meeting the track's halfway point, a whaling electric guitar makes its appearance and livens the song's organic aspects while being perfectly complemented by Nowah's transcendent vocal approach. As he sings of being by someone's side through thick and thin, the instrumentals pierce through our speakers once over with their vibrant transitions while ending the song with boundless emotion.

Feel the heavy vibe of Nowah's latest single, "Beside You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nowah. We truly adore the grungy and heartfelt tones of your latest single, "Beside You." What inspired you to create this emotionally rich single?

I was first inspired by a band called Low. In particular, there is a song called “No Comprende” off of their album “Ones and Sixes”. I was very drawn to the ending gut-wrenching drop in the bass, and the western-style licks by Alan Sparhawk. Lyrically, I reflected on myself, as I do in most of my work. I feel very empathetic towards other individuals in my life and have found that I always try my hardest to put myself down to be helpful to another, often not working out and harming myself instead. This backward action was meant to be displayed in the sad tone of the song.

Was there a particular message that you wanted to convey through your lyricism in "Beside You?" Was it easy to put your thoughts onto paper during your songwriting process?

The message is simply that I am beside everyone who listens. I always try to be there for people when they need it. Although often we need breaks and alone time, and I hope that's all understandable to whoever I’m speaking to. This song was obviously written about personal experiences of mine as well. “Beside You” was probably one of the easiest songs I’ve put on paper. The lyrics just came to me as the music did. I even drew inspiration in the lyrics from the band I previously mentioned, Low, in the third verse stating that “Words and Cuts seem to Slide by around you”. This is a reference to the songs “Words”, “Cuts”, and “Slide” off their 1994 album “I Could Live In Hope”.

Could you take us through your creative/recording process for "Beside You?" Why did you want to bring such a dense and hazy atmosphere to the song?

I originally wrote the song in a D tuning on my acoustic guitar, and was meant to be featured on my first project, “Greenery”. The riff is repetitive throughout most of the song because at the time it was easier for me to record. I recorded this song on Garage Band on my 2011 MacBook Air while in my basement, so naturally, it was a little dusty when I returned to it for my debut release. I brought a dense atmosphere to represent the emotion throughout the instrumental. I feel it replicates the calming, slow sadness of that backward action. It's something that can’t be described as well as I’d like, but I feel “Beside You” did it fairly well. During the chorus’s it gets a little raunchy. I did this to show a drop of some sort, something unexpected at first listen that brings the listener deeper into the song. This area also shows my more rock-grunge-style roots.

We've noticed that you also released an accompanying single entitled "Bees/Twelve." Why did you want to release both singles simultaneously?

I released "BEES/TWELVE" on YouTube a week or so prior to its release on Spotify with the music video being clips of some of my closest friends. I wanted the double release to show a bigger connection and picture, sort of a message to my closest friends that I'm always with them, and beside them for anything.



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