#NowPlaying: 'Beautiful Scars' By Mira

Up and coming musician Mira has released her debut EP "Heal" and straight up, you need to give it a listen. The Lancaster, PA native is using her voice to touch on incredibly important issues facing society today, including self-love, cultural empowerment, and freedom. Singing since she was a child, Mira has learned how to use her musical abilities to help soothe souls and inspire hearts, and the five soulful, pop tracks in "Heal" are living proof of that. We'll be taking a closer look at the first track, "Beautiful Scars", to help you get a feel for the gem that is "Heal".

Music is healing and in "Beautiful Scars", the lyrics are all about that. Mira's focus is on helping the victims of racial discrimination. The song is an anthem about taking pride in one’s own identity and seeing “scars” as signs of strength and beauty. She uses her soothing, twangy voice to cradle the listener as she sings about something so significant. Accompanied by a soft beat, acoustics, and delicate water sounds, the song moves in the tenderest of ways and it is incredibly beautiful. Mira’s ability to express her thoughts and feelings is positive and constructive, which is something truly needed in today’s world. “Beautiful Scars” shows strength and creates an important message that needs to be heard, so please check the song out and give the rest of Mira’s EP “Heal” a listen today! You can listen to the song here


How did you decide on the name and theme of the EP?

After a breakup, I had to find healthy ways to cope through my pain and writing was one of them. The more I wrote, the more I felt better and happier. that made me realize this was all apart of my healing process. There are multiple themes in this EP (self-love, identity, self-discovery, acceptance, self-esteem, god, trust)). they all tie into together and play a part in what I had to learn about myself in order to heal.

The sound of a gentle stream was incorporated throughout “Beautiful Scars”. Can you tell us about the meaning behind this choice?

The meaning behind the gentle steam as I thought it would be soothing to the listener. I really hoped that the water would be a silent trigger to calm down and listen. Water is also associated with emotion which what I used a lot to write these songs. I also wanted the listener to tap into there emotions to understand the meaning of the song and to help themselves heal Also I’m a water sign “pieces“ LOL.

Your music hits on important subjects that aren’t always spoken about. Was it difficult for you to write the songs featured in “Heal” knowing a large audience would hear them?

Yes. But it’s even harder looking at yourself and seeing the ugly, toxic, scarred parts of you that you have to face and change for the better. Transparency is always a risk, but the more I am transparent and honest with myself, the more I am truly loving who I am fully and completely. It’s ok to be who you are, scars and all. I wanted to be the role model to accept who you are.

What does being a musician mean to you?

To me, a musician means more than being musically talented. It’s using your talent to help someone else.

What can fans expect from you in the near future artistically?

More video content, and more music of course!