#NowPlaying - Cultivo “Telltale”

Cultivo released their single titled “TellTale”, a song that we loved due to a variety of different reasons. Starting off with the instrumentation of this song, “TellTale” had this smooth-jazz mixed with soft rock and blended with a nice hint of blues. We were able to hear multiple different instruments through the production, live instruments at that. From horn instruments to drums, all the way to piano playing, “TellTale” showcases augmented talent through natural instrumental playing. The arrangement was unique. “TellTale” goes through multiple transitions like a smooth rollercoaster ride that goes up and down through dynamics.

The vocals in “TellTale” were pleasantly soothing. The singer had a special individualistic voice that reminded me a lot like the popular singer Kali Uchis. It was atmospheric, dreamlike, and also sultry. With the fusion of small rap, “TellTale” is a multi-faceted single with different components that makes up the song. It isn’t a singular surface record, and it’s equipped with a number of elements bound to mesmerize you. From the unpredictable arrangement, the soothing vocals, and the relaxing vibe, “TellTale” is the perfect song to create a settling mood in which you can listen to the song and become as one with the music.

Listen to “TellTale” by Cultivo here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cultivo! Can you tell us a bit about your formation as a band? How did it come together?

Hi there! Cultivo was founded when Ian Adams (guitar) & Fernando Torres (bass) joined the same cover band and felt a strong musical connection. This collaboration sparked the idea to make their own music instead of with the addition of Mark Taylor (drums). After a few months of jamming, they found Rugile Deveikyte (vocals) when she answered the ad online and after coming down to a rehearsal made a decision to join right away. From there, every other member just listened to the stuff the band was making and wanted to join. Fabio Sousa (trombone) was invited by Rugile, & last but not least Ben Carthy (Trumpet) joined when Mark invited him to a rehearsal. Most of us didn’t know each other until we started playing together since most of us weren’t local to the area – Fernando (bass) is from Ecuador, Rugile (vocals) from Lithuania, Fabio (Trombone) from Portugal, Ben, Ian & Mark from all parts of the UK respectfully. But once we started playing, we all just really clicked.

Tell us about your song “TellTale”. What inspired the title of this record and why?

Lyrically Telltale is about someone from Rugile’s past, someone that she used to know. Rugile’s lyrics are always born from her own experiences, she couldn’t write anything else. However, the person who Rugile is calling Telltale is herself. She is the storyteller in the song, who is judging this other person for his behavior and his approach to life.

How would you describe your arrangements in “TellTale”?

We are always writing our songs as a group, together, so it’s usually a very intuitive process when it comes to arranging. The rhythm section usually puts a lot of work into finding the right groove, there’s a lot of experimentation and development of small ideas. Final arrangements, however, are made by the vocals. What’s interesting with Telltale is that it has a variety of grooves and sections that don’t adhere to traditional pop song structures. For instance, the song takes a left turn when Fabio takes over with his rap which is accompanied by a charging key change in the rhythm section.

What was the most challenging aspect for you during the creative process of “TellTale” and in what ways did you overcome the obstacles?

The most challenging aspect was finding the right structure. We spent a lot of time experimenting with all the different parts of the song, making sure that they all work together and that the song flows.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Cultivo?

Telltale is just the beginning of something we’ve been working on since the very start of 2019. We can’t say just yet, but we have big plans for 2020 - we’ve got quite a few tunes in the pipeline, that will be released… exponentially.

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