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#NowPlaying: Czechmate Releases Fiery Addicting Single “Talk Shit”

Czechmate, a devoted creatrix of the EDM scene, set course for an enterprising career decades before she began her artistic craft. Born in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic in 1996, fate was preparing her with music from an early age. She enjoyed the high energy of Dance Pop, practiced piano, and played the saxophone in a symphonic band. Destiny brought the young girl to the United States when she was just eleven years old. The beat of the music was her calling, and after years of dance and choir, the four by four rhythm caught her heart’s attention. Inspiring potent energy for gyrating bodies became her passion. Her ear teasing track selection is as fierce as her insatiable attitude for intensity.

Czechmate recently released the fiery and addicting single “Talk Shit”. The overwhelming party sensation you feel while listening to this record is what makes “Talk Shit” a standout hit from other similar EDM releases. You become quickly absorbed by the function it creates in your head. Rather you’re listening to this song alone or with company, you’re bound to lose any care in the world, and channel in your fearless attributes. “Talk Shit” has this way of making you feel like a badass. The repetitive lyrics and electric dance sound becomes engraved in our memory where we will find ourselves replaying the song in our heads over and over. It’s the gravitating atmosphere and the entrance of a more carefree, vibrant, and charismatic personality you may have thought was difficult to unleash! All you needed was the right song, and a song like “Talk Shit” to do the bidding. Bravo, Czechmate! An excellent release indeed.

Listen to “Talk Shit” here and get to know Czechmate in our interview below, as we discuss the new track and her rising career in the music industry!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Ahoj! My name is Czechmate, I love anything related to performing arts, vegan dishes, 10hr sleeps, and fitness! I have been making noise on my computer for the past couple years and have fell in love ever since. I picked up my first controller over 4 years ago and taught myself how to mix, so I started off as a DJ first. My life revolves around music and I can`t think of anything else I`d rather be pursuing to be honest!

Do you remember the first song you’ve produced?

Yes, it`s mixed very poorly and has became sort of a joke of my SoundCloud. However, I decide to keep it on there because it really shows I had no idea what I was doling at first but am proud of how far I have come and still continue to progress. I`m still learning after all and will keep learning until I am old and wrinkly! haha It`s called "Booty Ass Bounce" feat. Kassette, check it out, have a laugh..

What attracted you most to the EDM scene?

High energy music and dancing! When I was 5 years old my parents signed me up for competitive dance classes and I absolutely loved it! I love to dance, put on a show, choose my playlist and house music gives me life so that`s why! ;)

What are some misinterpretations do you think people conceive on the genre of DJing and EDM?

I suppose the biggest one that irks me is that everyone who likes EDM is a pill popping machine, and that DJs do nothing but get wrecked and do coke all night... LOL I`m sure there`s plenty of people and DJs who happen to fit that description but I am neither one of those. Everyone is entitled to do whatever they`d like with their bodies, I`m no angel myself but I think there`s more to this scene and electronic dance music in general.

How would you personally musically categorize yourself?

Currently, I am on a darker house vibe. I play and produce anything from G-House, and Bass House to Electro and Deep House. Depends on the energy in the room before I hit the decks!

What’s next for you?

Heaps of new music, more shows, defining what Czechmate really sounds like, growing my YouTube channel, more brand collaborations, fitness related brand work, and so on! I`m really excited and motivated this year, making 2019 the most creative and productive year of my life yet. Haha I am also graduating this Spring with double majors and starting at Sacramento State University next Fall which is a huge accomplishment for me so you best believe I will not be taking any time off while pursuing my career. Bring it on, I can do it all!


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