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#NowPlaying: IckyBaby - “Bought And Sold”

Ickybaby is an original dynamic rock band with powerful female vocals and a no holds barred attitude! They released their explosive single “Bought and Sold” and I hope you’re ready to get rebellious! According to Ickybaby, all their songs are written from the soul and touches base on the current situations in our societies. While delivering hard lyrical content they still able to connect with various music lovers and fabricate a sound enjoyable for many different people. Ickybaby was founded by Vocalist Toni Tee and the current lineup consists of guitarist Alex Windsor, guitarist James Gass, bassist Adam Baron, and drummer Carl Marrelli. Each IckyBaby member brings their own unique contribution to not only the songwriting process, but also to the energy of their live shows.

“Bought And Sold” was able to convey their uncongenial nature while sticking to their charismatic energy. The twang in the vocal resonance alongside their electrifying riffs and runs makes their voice distinct and non-comparable from other artists. I love the edginess, and how it pushes the boundaries and limits from your regular and standard rock song. They had the perfect amount of yells and chaotic hollering yet toned down to fit the pace of the song. You’re bound to become addicted to IckyBaby and their detailed, badass single “Bought And Sold”

Listen to “Bought And Sold” here and get to know IckyBaby in our interview below!

What inspired you to form IckyBaby?‬

The formation of IckyBaby was driven by emotion. We actually began as a persona created by our vocalist Toni, fueled by the need to be heard and to be able to express herself. The other members of the current lineup were drawn to this energy and gradually joined in.‬

‪Where are you guys from?‬

Toni (vocals) is from Pasadena, Carl (drums) is from Pittsburgh, Alex (guitar) is from Chicago, and Adam (bass) is from Gosphord, Australia. We believe that each our individual backgrounds help us to bring a unique flavor to the group.

How would you describe most of your music?‬

-Honest, blunt, relatable, energetic, heavy, genuine, and original. We bring a distinctive sound that attracts music fans from all over.‬

What’s the most appealing factor about rock music?

The ability to express oneself. We do not strictly identify as rock, although it is obviously a significant element for us. The honesty and versatility of rock music has always been appealing for all of us. ‬

”Bought And Sold” sound like a great song to be performed live, have you guys had the chance to do so yet?

Yes we have, and the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive. The rhythm of the drums and bass line create an atmosphere that inspires the audience to move, while Toni’s voice and lyrics penetrate their emotions.

What’s the plan for 2019?‬

We would very much like to go on tour, play a festival or two, perform at new venues, and make new fans. While these are the ideal milestones for 2019, our ultimate goal is just to put more music out into the world.‬


Connect with IckyBaby on social media:

Facebook: @ickybabymusic

Instagram: @ickybabymusic


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