#NowPlaying: Maurice Gray - “Grayce”

Maurice Gray is a producer and gifted songwriter raised by his single mother in Los Angeles California. He started down the wrong road at the age of 13, in and out of juvenile detention facilities up until age 19. That's when he found his outlet for the hurt and disappointment of his father not being in his life. Gray found music, poetry and the art of freestyling with his friends. After gaining confidence through experience, Maurice Gray eventually moved to Monroe, Louisiana in 2012. Gray says his mission is simple, to restore, rebuild and mend lost souls to Christ through music.

“Grayce” Ft. Tracee Dawn is a contagious and uplifting old school hip-hop track. Fused perfectly with the sounds of today, and the good vibes required to see the summer through its final weeks, Maurice Gray has crafted a crisp, clean and smoothly melodic hit. “Grayce” will be the title track on Maurice’s upcoming third album. Utilizing the strength of a hypnotic soundscape and a light beat, Gray pours through lyrically with a series of short and simple rhymes, familiar references intertwined with personal reflections and statements of drive and confidence. Meanwhile, this rising and falling melody entrances in a quickly memorable way, making certain to hit with impact and ultimately leave the listener walking away with that tune running through their mind. Tracee Dawn’s vocals are pitch-perfect, her sound fits the overall theme of the track well. She effortlessly blends with Maurice Gray to deliver excellence from all angles.

Listen to “Grayce” here and continue reading below for our interview with Maurice Gray!

Hey Maurice Gray! What does the song “Grayce” represent for you?

Grayce is an Acronym I Came Up With Using My Last Name. It Means God's. Revealing. All. Your. Creative. Energy. It Spoke Life To Me when I wrote it Down on Paper. God's Grace is Amazing and it Should Not Be Taken Lightly. I get Up Every Morning knowing i Get another Chance to Do What I Love and at the Same time Enjoy Doing It.

We love your collaboration with Tracee Dawn, how did this come about?

Trace Dawn is a Good Friend Of Mines. We Attend Church Where we Met 4 Year's Ago. I Heard Tracee Sing at One of the Youth Program's. Tracee is Very Talented and Shy All at the Same time. It has taken Me Every Bit of The past 3 Year's to Get Her On a Track With Me. That Day I heard Tracee Sing, I Knew She Had Something Special and that Is The Gift To Change Heart's Through Music.

What’s the concept behind the music video? What was the filming process like for you?

There Was Nothing Deep About The Concept of the Video. We Were Winging it The Entire Time Knowing That When We Come Into God's Presence and The Spirit is There, it Makes you want to Dance, Sing, Laugh and Sometimes Even Cry. So Basically the Entire Video Was Myself and The Director Jarrett Carter Brainstorming Idea's trying to make the Video  Fun for the Kids and Everyone Who Would Be Watching Over the Year's. The Adults Loved it As'well. The Result was AWESOME!!!

What has been one of your most memorable or life changing achievements as an artist so far?

Even though i Have Traveled To Numerous States and Opened Up For Some Big Names in the Industry. I Have Yet to Experience A Memorable Moment or Achievement as an Artist. I am Still Searching for it but when that time Comes for Me, the World Will Know About it (Smiles)

What are your thoughts on mainstream hip hop at present, and your hopes for the genre going forward?

Music has Changed Drastically and more so for the Worst. (Just My Opinion) Some Artist seem to be doing and saying the same thing Musically. it's all about who has the Most Money and how many House's and Car's you Drive  more so than Just Good Music with a Message. I Try Not to Listen to This Generation of Hip-Hop. Most of the time you Cant Even Understand What they Are Saying. Even in Christian Hip-Hop You can Get Lost in the Mumble Jumbo Rapper's Music. I Like Fresh Idea's, So I listen to Artist Like Jill Scott, Fantasia, Stevie Wonder and Coltrane. I Like a Mixture of Music Because You Never Know What your Going to Get in the End. I Like Creating Music That I can Feel and If i Can Feel It, So Can the Listener.