Nuclear Club Brings Every Emotion To the Table With Their Latest Album 'Culturecope'

Hailing from Perth, Scotland, 5-piece alt-rock band Nuclear Club releases their latest soulful album 'Culturecope'. Consisting of David Curran, Ross Fraser, Marc Hill, Mark Marshall, and Adam Streets, Nuclear Club has made their way around Scotland whether by performing or radio airplay, this 5-piece is ready to take you on a journey full of heart.

Opening the 'Culturecope' album with the intro track “It Is I, It Is Time, It Is Right”, Nuclear Club starts off the album with a bright and radiant atmosphere with what sounds to be a folk-approach through dreamy mandolin picking, faint electric guitar and background claps acting as the main beat thus far. Once the uplifting and melodic vocals make their way to the forefront, the rest of the instrumentation begins to expand wider into a crashing and exhilarating downbeat. This track brings a very self-assured tone to the album and starts it off with a feeling of unity.

Taking more of an upbeat alt-rock turn with the second track “Sniper Amen”, what strikes our attention are the beautiful vocal harmonies coming from Nuclear Club and how they bring such hi-fi atmospheres through their alt-rock sound. The instrumentation in this track from soulful acoustic to transcendent electric guitar picking brings such a wide variety of invigorating sounds that lay over the tracks incredibly danceable drum patterns. “Sniper Amen” brings energy to the maximum while providing us impeccable alternative-rock instrumentals.

Speaking of danceable drum patterns, the third track “Brother, Lend Me Soul” begins with just that. Moving into a more emotional tone with this track, Nuclear Club provides such deep and meaningful lyrics of sticking by someone’s side and yet still feeling alone. The highlight has to be Nuclear Club’s stimulating chorus with serene falsetto vocals and hard-hitting drums with melodic piano that sends “Brother, Lend Me Soul” straight to our souls.

Giving us a more melodic approach to the album, Nuclear Club’s next track “Reach For Me” again providing us with blissful harmonies that soar overtop heartfelt instrumentals while giving us a message of longing for someone through heartfelt lyrics like; “Our world is short one dream, I’ve deleted scenes so you can reach for me”. What we’ve noticed so far is that Nuclear Club brings in similar detailed and passionate atmospheres like Coldplay and City and Colour, especially with “Reach For Me” which gives us a peek into the 5 beating hearts that surround Nuclear Club.

So far we’ve been incredibly impressed by the variety of instrumentals and sounds that Nuclear Club provides. Especially with the celestial intro to the next track “Rage, I Can’t See For Blood”. Opening with 20 seconds of heaven through an array of strings and moving into sublime alt-rock sounds by gradually shifting from major to minor, giving us a whole sense of raw emotion. With lyrics that sing of love and anger, and how rage can live within us and be triggered to where you’re incoherent, Nuclear Club ties in full emotion with this song.

Taking a down-tempo turn to “Culturecope” with the next song “I’m Asleep, Really I Am”, Nuclear Club takes us on a heartfelt ride through passionate lyrics and beautifully soft instrumentals. The track serves almost as an interlude as it’s shorter in length but sums up the atmosphere of the entire album, that is taking your inner demons and finding a way to express your pain and turn it into wisdom.

Starting the next track “Land, Not Landlocked” with instrumentals that serve a breath of fresh air through mesmerizing mandolin and electric guitar moving into the first verse. While swiftly growing into a whole sound with textured drum patterns, Nuclear Club strikes us again with conceptual lyrics like; “Cast your lines to the folding waves, demons already ashore” letting us find opportunity and hope once we reach out for it instead of letting our inner demons shut us down. Once again serving our faith to hold on to.

Bringing back the variety of transcendent strings with the 8th track “At One”, while starting off with lyrics of standing strong and empowered, ready for anything to be thrown at you (which is clearly what we should expect nowadays). Growing into a strong chorus that crashes at each syllable. With few morning sounds that create depth and space within the song's atmosphere, Nuclear Club takes the last couple minutes of the song to end off with an incredible alt-rock instrumental that only emphasizes the message of standing strong.

Taking the vibes back down to a mellow atmosphere with the next track “Condemned” this song takes a very introspective path. Opening with saddened instrumentals that crash into a beautiful downbeat of rounded and compelling melodies. Taking note of the lyrical message where Nuclear Club sings about how we grow with loved ones only to one day let them go, while the band asks the universe, are we “Condemned”? Was this all punishment? This track definitely takes a special place in our hearts.

Moving on to the title track “Culturecope”, we’re intrigued right off the bat with soft electric guitar picking again moving from major to minor all to provide a dynamic and heartfelt piece. With another hard-hitting chorus that pulls in every inch of our attention, Nuclear Club stands clear with a message of finding peace when everything breaks to pieces and moving forward with the knowledge you were given from past experiences. Ending off with another textured instrumental, we’re nothing but impressed by Nuclear Club’s talent and creativity.

Reaching the end of the “Culturecope” album with the outro track “Backstrokes”, Nuclear Club finds a peaceful way to end off. Bringing a more acoustic feel to this song with serene acoustic guitar and captivating piano, we’re left with nothing but a musical escape. With a beautiful love song about feeling distant towards someone and struggling with space between, we can relate heavily with this song as distance seems to be a common theme nowadays. It’s clear that Nuclear Club has taken us on a dynamic ride from high to low, as they exude raw emotions and find a way to express themselves, the album “Culturecope” allows us to find freedom when there seems to be none.

Fall in love with 'Culturecope' below.