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Nurd Encourages Us to "Live It Up" in a Refreshing New Single

From Leimert Park, Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer Nurd livens our spirits for the rest of summer with her recent exciting single, "Live It Up."

From singing in church choirs at three to familiarizing herself with songwriting and production by sixteen, it's without a doubt that Nurd is leaving her mark on the music industry. With two acclaimed and successful EP's under her belt, Nurd is continuing her venture to greatness by way of each conceptual release.

Encouraging us to "Live It Up" with her latest single, listeners can catch Nurd in her element as she moves and grooves through the single without a care in the world. The song itself offers a brilliant sonic atmosphere that blurs the lines between r&b, hip-hop, and electronic, making for a stimulating and refreshing listening experience.

"Live It Up" opens with an uplifting array of synths that melt through our speakers like a popsicle on a scorching summer day. As Nurd introduces us to her savory and warm stylings, she begins riding the smooth and savory beat with nothing but poise and confidence. As the sonics and production start to develop with plucky keyboard melodies and twinkling background effects, Nurd reminds us to remain unbothered by those who only bring us down.

We can't get enough of Nurd's uplifting performance, especially as we meet the song's lively hook where she reminds us to leave that man behind and call up our girls to let loose. We're truly lost in the groove of this energetic and playful single, especially as Nurd reminds us to break free from those who don't bring joy and contentment into our lives.

"Live It Up" with help from Nurd's latest lively single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Nurd. We truly appreciate the uplifting feel and vibe you've delivered within your recent single, "Live It Up." What inspired you to create a song that encourages the listener to let loose?

What inspired me to create the song, was literally frustration. I wrote the song during the beginning of the pandemic and I was thinking that there needs to be a song that when we finally get restrictions lifted off we can relate to. “I noticed you ain’t been yourself lately” that was me speaking to myself, my homegirls, a stranger. I wanted a feel-good song for everybody.

Did you produce "Live It Up" yourself? What was your creative process like when formulating the sonic arrangements? What sort of vibe did you want to capture?

No, I didn’t produce “Live It Up” myself. It was produced by Versus Beats, a producer I found on YouTube. When I create sonic arrangements, I’m typically a go with the feel. I love harmonies and background vocals so that is typically where I try to put my strength in. I wanted a nostalgic, feel-good vibe. I wanted when the listener here’s this song they are envisioning a good time. It's almost like hypnotism lol.

What did you want your audience to take away and experience after listening to "Live It Up?"

I want my audience to take away that Life is TOO SHORT to be worried about things you can’t control. The song is speaking mainly to women but men too. Go out have a good time, you deserve it. Like this life is only yours for a short time. Live it up!

Do you usually create songs like 'Live It Up" that emphasize positivity, optimism, and life's peaks? Or is this song more of a nod to the ongoing feel-good summer season?

Yes, I do. Most of my music I would say have positivity weaved into it. I’m a very optimistic, positive person so I try to transform that into my music. I write music based on experience. And “Live It Up” honestly was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone with different sounds and vibes and I loved it.

What's next for you?

So next up, I have a show in Los Angeles on August 20th that I curated called “ Flowers of LA” . many of my dope talented artist friends will be performing. I also want to do a behind the scenes documentary, that shares the title of my latest project “Since I Been Gone” that I started a Go Fund me for cause I have so much beautiful music and content that I want to give my fans and loved ones a full experience.


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