Nurse Wins Over her Audience with Ominous EDM Production, “Danger Us”

Originally born in Mexico, Nurse is a dark EDM artist on the rise who now creates her music from Los Angeles, California.

Stepping into the world of electronic music, Nurse has an entirely unique and mysterious sound with her most recent release “Danger Us.” In hearing the initial buzz of “Danger Us’” electronic soundscape, the listener will feel the hairs on their arms standing at frightened attention. The musical versatility of “Danger Us” could allow it to be the soundtrack to a moment of peak inebriation with blurry vision or even a vibrant hallucinogenic experience. Whit this mind-numbing track, Nurse will make you feel like you’re sitting straight up and alert, and completely subdued all in one moment. 

Nurse has displayed her innate ear for electronic production when it comes to the engineering of “Danger Us.” The ominous percussion line is filled with random beats, pounding, clicking, and pulsing.

About halfway through the song, each unpredictable beat and noise falls in line with each other as the energy builds up to a mind-shattering bass drop. Nurse takes the vocal lead with a dangerous spunk in her frantic lyrics, while the male vocals are electronically altered to a powerfully low pitch. There is a moment where the female vocals are played in reverse, producing energy almost equivalent to an exorcism. 

Nurse wins the game of electronic music through the blatantly unpredictable chaos that is “Danger Us.”

Hello Nurse and welcome to BuzzMusic. “Danger Us” was full of unpredictable sounds like we’ve never heard before! What was your inspiration when creating the song “Danger Us?”

"Danger Us" was pretty unpredictable! The song was supposed to go in a completely different direction but those plans didn't happen.  I was frustrated and with such little time left until submission day for the EP, I almost gave up. Thankfully I didn't give up and I decided to make the song about being "dangerous". Being dangerous meaning - being a badass, being completely unstoppable, and not allowing anything or anyone to get in your way. All of us have this dangerous badass person inside, we can do anything as long as we keep pushing.

Although heavily electronic, you bring such a unique sense of music style to the table with “Danger Us.” What genres did you draw from when creating this song?

Psytrance and Techno are my biggest influences and I wanted to carry that over with this song but I also wanted to include something fresh.  I decided to dive into the world of dubstep but the mellow more downtempo "wubs", while still including my rolling bass in between. The vocals, drums, and quite a few of the atmospheric sounds were influenced by Rap and Trap. I had never experimented with those two genres before but I'm glad I did, It was so fun and now this is one of my favorite tracks!

Can you tell us a little bit about your production and engineering processes? Do you come up with and produce all of these ideas by yourself?

I produce and come up with everything on my own, I even mix and master my own music. When it comes to my process I just go with the flow. Either I start with a story or a feeling in mind or I just start playing around with sounds and eventually, that evolves into the "bigger picture". I try to design as many of my own sounds as I can but I also love using samples and manipulating them into completely new sounds. I also re-use a lot of my sounds, twisting them in different ways but keeping them somewhat recognizable to have "familiar" surprises sprinkled throughout my tracks. 

As a musician, you have the opportunity and responsibility of feeding the ears of such a large platform. Is there a main message you like to represent as an artist?

It's never too late to do what you love. If you have confidence and conviction in what you do, you can do anything.  I like to say "Restore Yourself", make your own happiness and fuck what anyone else thinks.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My goals, sometimes I stay up at night because I'm so excited for the future. The people I surround myself with have also been such a huge inspiration, I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for the amazing people around me.