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NYC Artist Kfir Releases His New Single “Outta Love”

Currently based in New York, performing artist Kfir had a musically diverse upbringing

resulted in him finding a love of music and performance. Kfir would spend his life pursuing the

arts which brought him to take classical ballet training and eventually to Broadway and is now

releasing his first EP. Starting by writing poetry, Kfir took it further by adding music to it.

A theatrical influence is heard in Kfir’s track, “Outta Love” along with his powerful and

soulful vocals. A mix of pop and soul and sultry vocals, “Outta Love” bounces on the rims of

angst and a sorrowful ballad. The rhythmic element to it with what seems to be hand claps

brings a depth to the buildup to the chorus. Kfir has a distinct sound while keeping a modern

and trendy sound that is easily digestible for radio play while keeping his own vibe. The

harmonies are beautiful along with the string section making for a stark contrast, yet

complimenting each other accordingly. The message of the song is a somewhat diss to an ex

lover, begging the question of when they decided to fall out of love , pinning them to explain

their actions. A classy way to call out someone for their wrongdoings is to write a song about

them, and Kfir does that in “Outta Love”.

Listen to "Outta Love" here.



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