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NYC Artist Lachi Releases Her Brand New Hit

Based out of New York City, Lachi is a dance-pop/EDM recording artist and songwriter who has worked with Snoop Dog and Trance as well as DnB tracks with Markus Schulz’s and Dutch DJ Maduk. Lachi’s genre of music is an intricate blend that can range from EDM, Pop and Soul.

Lachi’s track titled, “What I Want (Dat Body)” was inspired by the emerging occurrence of women who have challenged politics and being outspoken by challenging what is deemed as social norms. Adding to this, Lachi is a proponent for the pro-ability movement and generally sings uplifting and empowering songs. The song is high energy and has kind of a tropical house beat to it with a signature EDM sound to it while also blurring the lines of Pop and Reggae. Lachi’s vocals are distinctive and powerful just like the everyday women she continually empowers through her music and lyrics. The xylophone is really cool giving it a unique vibe while contrasting with the EDM buildup and beats.Another distinguishing sound from the track is the looping of a melody played on what seems to be some sort of flute. Altogether Lachi knows how to get your spirits lifted while making a bop for everyone to enjoy.

Listen to "What I Want (Dat Body) here.


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