NYC Duo Lil Djent Releases New Music Video and Single; "That's Right Me Too"

Lil Djent is a New York-based duo between producer and guitarist Andres Gallo and vocalist Shruti Mutalik. From being rockers at heart the two have ventured into fusing sounds similar to Bjork and NIN. Lil Djent's latest release "That's Right Me Too" is an emotional experimental fusion experience that features elements from a variety of styles.

"That's Right Me Too" features a string quartet, metal-like drums, heavy hip-hop drums, and a bold vocal performance with Indian inspired melodic lines. The vocal enchantingly transforms throughout the song, giving in almost electronic style textures and effects that instantly catch the ear's attention. The lovely raw string quartet has a very dark but yet uplifting feeling to it, with a dash of quirkiness in the bridge. All of the instrumental elements keep a minimalistic approach that perfectly highlights every one of Shruti's enchanting vocals. The drums maintain constant high energy throughout the song before they break down into a hip-hop groove in the bridge. The story has a strong powerful emphasis on the division of society and in the end how we are all human. This is a song that we think that everyone should take the time to listen to at least once.

Listen to "That's Right Me Too" by Lil Djent, here.