Nyce The Prophecy Has Us Hooked On, “Ride 4 Me”

Nyce The Prophecy is an American Hip-Hop & R&B artist, songwriter, musician, and producer, born in White Plains, NY & raised in Mount Vernon, Westchester County. He started his career in the early 2000s, where he was raised among musicians like his mother and brother. Nyce The Prophecy has been working with many local and international artists to assist in creating more awareness for his music.

As we enter into "Ride 4 Me," Nyce The Prophecy mentions how he found someone whom he can rely on and how someone he didn't know that long would love him and support him no matter the situation. He takes us on his journey as he talks about how he'll always defend her in lyrics like, "If they try you, it'll cost em on your side I'm never off it
." Nyce's flavourful rap lines and the combination of the R&B beat bring us nostalgic vibes with a new school attitude that's to die for.

As we continue listening to "Ride 4 Me," Nyce gifts us with words of security like "Through the storm, we gon paddle babe
" and lyrics of assurance in particular, "One in a million call your raffle.
" "Ride 4 Me" is a song that provides relatable sentiments to both men and women through Nyce's bold vocals, which shows that revealing emotion through music is what draws the listeners.

Nyce The Prophecy and his love for music shine through his art, as he shows us that hard work and being consistent will come with undeniable music and loyal followers. Find yourself today and stream Nyce the Prophecy's "Ride 4 Me," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nyce The Prophecy. The vibes of "Ride 4 Me" are incredible. How did this record come about, and what're the situations you speak about in your real life?

Thanks for having me. The inspiration behind "Ride 4 Me" was based on the idea that there are still ride-or-die women in this world who will love you for who you are and show you that it's ok to let go of the past and trust again. Yes, my music is always based on real-life situations.

"Ride 4 Me" brings so many relatable situations to light for people. What do you want people to know about this record?

I want people to know that despite the chaos in the world and how people portray relationships these days, there are still women out there who will be there for you through the storm.

You speak about trust and love in this record. What advice would you give people on how to look and recognize when their significant other loves them and accepts them as they are?

My advice to others would be to take the time out to love yourself first, acknowledge red flags, and never settle for less. If your significant other provides you with peace, accepts your flaws, and embraces who you are, you'll know that they love you.

Nyce, as an artist, what is the biggest lesson you've learned so far and if you could change it, would you? If yes, why?

The biggest lesson I've learned as an artist is to have self-reliance. You need to be hands-on, gain as much knowledge as possible & improve yourself every day.

No, I wouldn't change my experiences.

What's next for you?

I am releasing an EP titled "Infinity," which will feature songs based on chapters of my life. I also do weekly remixes of trending songs titled *Quick 16* where I perform 16 bars to showcase my skill. I will be releasing more singles like "Ride four me" in the near future. You can check out my website to keep up to date on all my new releases.