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NYCK Tells It Straight On “We Ain’t Friends”

NYCK is an artist who has made a name for himself in the industry for his dynamic performances and undeniably catchy beats. His music is a fusion of electronic and urban genres, including techno, house, R&B, hip-hop, and trap. He is known for his ability to create music that captures the energy and emotion of the dance floor, and his songs have topped the charts worldwide.

DJ, producer, and recording artist Andrea Godin have an impressive music industry career spanning many years. She has released countless musical records and has seen her songs aired across the globe on television and radio. Andrea has collaborated with many influential chart-toppers and Grammy nominees throughout her career.

NYCK’s collaboration with Andrea Godin on their new hip hop-infused single “We Ain’t Friends” showcases the calibre of their production and hook-writing skills. The track features a gritty beat and a memorable hook that instantaneously demands the listener’s attention. The song’s raw lyrics explore some true late-night baby blue 2 movie vibes and all that comes with the humpty hump, with both artists seducing each other akin to 50 cent and Lil Kim on a “Magic Stick.”

The duo recently received the Indie EDM Song of the Year in the Pinnacle Awards for their record “Your Love.” This award-winning single is released on Andrea’s record label, Scarlet Cartels, which has become a powerhouse in the dance music scene. The label is home to a small roster of talented musicians and DJs specializing in house and techno styles.

Overall, “We Ain’t Friends” is a well-crafted and engaging track that will appeal to fans of hip-hop and R&B who enjoy hard-hitting sounds mixed with a sultry vibe. The collaboration between NYCK and Andrea Godin is seamless, with both artists bringing their unique styles and talents to the table. This anthem will surely become a fan favourite and staple in the music scene.

Check out NYCK and Andrea Godin’s latest release, "We Ain't Friends," available everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic NYCK & Andrea Godin. Congrats on getting it in with “We Ain’t Friends,” which has a strong message about exciting relationships. What made you want to create a song like this?

Whether people admit it or not, these are the kind of songs that grab people’s attention. These are the lyrics that people want to hear, and we were well aware of that. We like to reflect our reality into our music, and that’s what the audience gravitates to. That’s why this song has done the best out of all the songs on the EP.

The production of "We Ain't Friends" has a melodic and hard-hitting feel. Can you walk us through the creative process behind the beat?

Our goal for this track was to have an incredibly catchy hook without sounding “pop” and still have that dark hip-hop element. NYCK started with his super gritty verse. We then began working on my part in verse 2, and the melody and lyrics almost magically came to me as if I wasn’t even writing it myself - those are usually the best songs! We were initially a little stumped about what to do with the chorus, but once we got the 1, 2, 3, and 4 ideas, we knew it right away.

The lyrics on "We Ain't Friends" are raw, with no strings attached. How do you approach writing such unapologetic lyrics?

I don’t think any artist should be apologetic about their lyrics. After all, music is supposed to be art. Therefore there should be no boundaries. We know some of these lyrics are extreme, but that doesn’t mean they’re not relatable to a huge audience. We know they are, so we went forward with releasing this track.

The chorus of "We Ain't Friends" talks about the concept of wild love. Can you speak more about this theme and how it relates to the song?

“We Ain’t Friends,” in other words, means not being stuck in the friend zone. Whether it be lust, real love, or someone you’re in a relationship with or not in a relationship with. It can be applied to many different situations in that aspect.

Your music often features a mix of electronic and edgy R&B sounds. How did you decide on the instrumentation for "We Ain't Friends," and what instruments did you use?

We always decide what works best and what doesn’t work as a team. For the lead sound on this track, we used the Chip Tune in Nexus and layered that with the Moog Little Fatty. The Little Fatty also plays the bassline along with the 808s. These are the key instruments that made the song what it is!


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