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Nyina Holds Onto "Forever," In A Dreamy New Single

Hailing from Berlin, the ethereal singer-songwriter and alternative-pop recording artist Nyina focuses on healing past wounds in her new single, "Forever," off her recent EP, Look back with a smile.

At the mere age of 20, Nyina has amassed a loyal following that constantly returns to experience her intimate songs and sonic diary releases. The Berlin-based artist is continuously writing songs and currently studying Popular Music to further expand her craft and broaden her musical horizons.

She does so in her recent single, "Forever," a vulnerable and shimmering song that looks at the concept of healing from past wounds. The song is from Nyina's recent 5-track EP, Look back with a smile, an ethereal and honest project that brings listeners deep into Nyina's young-adult world packed with thoughts, memories, fears, realizations, and most importantly, wonder.

Hitting play on the new song, "Forever," the experience peacefully opens with shimmering and dazzling keys that float down from above and cozy into the sonic foreground. As Nyina begins softly singing of nostalgia and the pain that lies within certain memories, she continues pulling our heartstrings with such relatable coming-of-age realizations about time's perpetual rate.

As we reach the cathartic hook, Nyina reminds us how "Forever" still isn't long enough and how she yearns to make each moment on this plane worthwhile. Samples of childhood laughter and memories linger in the background to make the song feel that much more personal, and Nyina has no problem making the listener picture their own cherished memories that they'll hold onto "Forever."

Seize the day and fill each blank space on your page with help from Nyina's chilling new single, "Forever," off her recent EP, Look back with a smile, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nyina. We truly appreciate the vulnerable and honest nature of your emotional new single, "Forever." What life experiences inspired you to create this deeply personal song?

Thank you, I´m so happy about this opportunity! "Forever" is about growing up. I moved out of my childhood house and moved to a big city. I encountered some problems and realized that I don't want to let go of memories that made me feel like I´m free. I was not able to let go of those moments and wanted to go back all the time. I realized that even "Forever" wouldn't be long enough and that maybe it's good that things change because then you´re able to cherish them.

Did you encounter any emotional challenges when writing your lyrics for "Forever?" Or does emotional songwriting come easy to you?

I like to think that emotional songwriting comes easy to me. I write songs every day. For me, it's like my diary in which I talk about my feelings and emotions, no matter how sad or honest they are.

What did you want to get across to your listeners in "Forever?" What did you want them to take away?

With "Forever," I wanted to create a Song that just takes you away from whatever golden memory you have. It's a very nostalgic Song, and I wanted to honor all the beautiful memories I have. I want the listeners to take away that it's essential to let go of moments. Moving on and changing are positive things. You learn how to deal with stuff and become a better person. It's crucial not to live in the past. You can get caught up in it really fast, and you forget how to live in the present. Like I´ve said in "Forever," "Someday sounds nice, right?" I love that phrase, cause for me, it perfectly captures what I wanted to get across with "Forever."

How does "Forever" relate to the theme of your recent EP, Look back with a smile? What is the EP about?

"Forever" is the lead single from my first EP, "Look back with a smile." In general, "Look back with a smile" is a healing EP. I wanted to show the process of healing from past wounds. "Forever" is the nostalgic part of the EP. That part concentrates on the beautiful aspects of life. Letting go is not easy. I sometimes find myself lost in the past and holding on to them too much, that's why it was important for me to move on because I thought these were the only happy memories I'll have, but of course, that's not true. I think that nostalgia is not always a comforting feeling; that's why it's important to look back with a smile, acknowledge the good times and be happy about them, cherish them, and don´t hold on to them, just in a healthy way. I wanted people to feel heard and that they could relate. Whoever is going through tough times and is going through healing hopefully feels represented by this EP and maybe can find comfort. I wanted to create a safe space with that EP. A place where everyone can come back to and feel like home.

What's next for you?

In September, I will release a new single. It´s a chill summer song, and I´m so excited to release it. Also, I'm working on my second EP now, and I´m so thrilled. The concept is something new, and it's going to be so much fun finishing it and turning it into an amazing project.


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