Nyjo Brennen Releases His Morden '70s Style Upbeat Song “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked”

Born in the Bahamas, Nyjo Brennen is an Electronic/Indie-Pop/Funk singer and songwriter who has just released a new song, “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked”. He calls three places his home: The Bahamas, West Palm Beach, and Los Angeles. He draws from his roots in these essential places for musical inspiration. Nyjo Brennen has had strong self-discipline since 17 years old when he wrote his first thirteen songs in a week. Ten years later, and he had already written over 300 songs. With his new album “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked,” Nyjo Brennen co-produced most of the songs on the album with multi-instrumentalist record producer, Johnny What, in Studio City, California. His new song “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked” immediately opens with a 70s style backtrack of mostly electronic instrumentals. The drums and the keyboard cords give the beat its funk flavors. Vocally, Nyjo Brennen emphasizes each lyric and holds true to the song’s retro vibe. The lyrics of “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked” encompass how he was treated poorly in a relationship and realizes his worth. Singing to a girl he no longer wants to be with, he includes the phrase “your passport to paradise has been revoked.” With a catchy melody and storytelling lyrics, “Passport 2 Paradise Revoked” shows Nyjo Brennen’s fans his musical versatility and ability to capture flavors from many genres in one song.

You can discover "Passport 2 Paradise Revoked" here.