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NYK Is Here With A Transporting And Smooth-Sailing Dance Hit “Overload”

Who is NYK? NYK is a contemporary R&B artist from Shreveport, Louisiana, whose career has taken him to Hollywood and beyond. What began as vocals in the church as a young child has grown over the years to include singing, songwriting, acting, producing, and even involvement in the business side of the entertainment industry. NYK is classically trained and has been performing music ever since the age of nine years old. This ultimately led him to focus on R&B, PoP music, and television which brought him to The American Musical and dramatic Academy in Hollywood, CA in 2012.

NYK is transporting his listener to the golden era of smooth R&B and PoP music with the release of his single titled “Overload”. This texturized jam had a super dope island flare to the appeal of the record in which gave off a vibe of dancehall. This song is perfect for the summer. You’re able to create the moment of light sensual vibes between you and a summer fling, while you both move to the rhythm of “Overload”. The production of the beat was vibrant, colorful, and fun. NYK’s voice remained smooth-sailing and soft while still showing dynamics and range through multiple registers of his vocals. NYK captures the moment with “Overload” and you will find yourself needing more! The song was so addictive to where you’re immersed into who NYK is as an artist. You’re longing for more music and subsequent releases from him. “Overload” was a nice, charismatically driven hit that will process well with the summer party goers!

Listen to "Overload" here.

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