NyuKyung Speaks About the Success With His New First Single of 2020, "Desire"

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Talk to us a little about your stage name! What’s the story behind “NyuKyung”?

When I was a kid I actually went by YoungJP and when I decided to get back into the music scene full time I wanted to rebrand and change my name. NyuKyung is actually my Korean name and I thought it would be cool to embrace my culture and go with it. However, people had a lot of trouble saying the name so I decided to change the pronunciation to (New King) to make it easier for people. 

You have some huge accomplishments, congrats! Tell us about winning the first-ever Jarren Benton's Bully Freestyle contest with your single "Desire". What was that like?

It was definitely a surreal experience! I was playing video games with my friend when I checked my phone and found I had about 100+ notifications. People were messaging me congratulations and blowing up my phone and I didn't know what was going on. I won a lot of contests in 2019 but this was definitely a special one for me as I have been a fan of Jarren Benton for a long time. 

We really enjoyed your single “Desire”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

I was actually in my dorm room writing it and I recorded it on the spot but my producer didn't like the rap version of the song. He was mixing the song and called me at 3 am to tell me that we should re-record the song but have me sing it instead. He came over the next day and we recorded, mixed, shot and edited the video in less than 24 hours. 

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

The inspiration came from the emotions I felt at the time. I love competition so a mix between how I was feeling and the drive to win inspire the track. I listen to many genres of music and a lot of my inspiration actually comes from outside of Hip Hop. However, some rappers I have been listening to recently are J,I.D., Lil Tjay, and Joyner Lucas. 

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

Consistent releases, more competition wins, features, and a potential Netflix appearance! Also be on the lookout for my record label, Foreign Familia as I plan to do a lot with them and establish it as a powerhouse in Canada with the rest of my team! 

Listen to NyuKyung here.

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