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Obeeyay Is "Let'm Know," Who's Boss

Serenading us from Salt Lake City, Utah, is a singer-songwriter and hip-hop, r&b, Afrobeat recording artist Obeeyay with his latest anthemic single, "Let'm Know."

The 25-year-old songwriter enhanced his artistic skillset while working alongside the likes of Brandy, Queen Latifa, and Jojo. After moving to Los Angeles and broadening his creative horizons even further, Obeeyay moved back to his native state Utah and blossomed his solo career with hits like his remake of Sunflower from the Blockbuster Spiderman film, "Into the Spider-Verse."

You can hear Obeeyay's love for hip-hop, Afrobeat, and r&b shine through in one cohesive mix through his latest single, "Let'm Know." The song emits this sense of power and confidence that's equally matched with Obeeyay's passionate vocals.

Expanding on the new single, "Let'm Know," we're met with a pulsating synth that waves a feeling of 00s r&b nostalgia over our speakers. As the slow and poised drums begin to tap in alongside Obeeyay's melodic vocal appearance, we shift into the exciting prehook where we get to know the range of Obeeyay's sound as he moves into a quick rap.

Dropping into the hook, Obeeyay grooves his way alongside the song's powerful and dreamy sonics, letting us sing along with his catchy and empowering lyrics. Before we know it, he makes his confident vocal appearance that keeps our heads bopping with a rhythmic, charismatic flow and braggadocious energy. Obeeyay takes us around the hook one last time to close the song with an anthemic outro.

Don't be shy, "Let'm Know," and check out Obeeyay's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Obeeyay. We love the energy and empowering feel of your latest single, "Let'm Know." What inspired you to create this anthem of success?

THANK YOU BUZZMUSIC! Really whatever I create has to do with what I am feeling at the time. I had recently moved back to LA with a dream and a goal to take over, and that was at the forefront of my mind when I wrote: "Let’m Know." Honestly, I just wanted to write a song for the ones hustling to be champions, looking to dethrone and be at the top at whatever they do. This world can get you down when you forget who you are, so this is just a reminder to the underdogs to never give up.

Do you usually create rather motivational and high-energy tracks like "Let'm Know?"

It depends, I love to inspire, but I also love to love. So a lot of my music is a mixture of past relationships and a hustling mentality. A good time is a goal when I write my music. I want people to join the fun, wherever they are, whatever walk of life. Just to hit the party or play ball to this music, both work. What was it like working with veteran rapper King Los for "Winnin?" Was that your first time collaborating with him?

It was dope! He brought so much, blessed the track with his vocals. To witness how effortless it was for him to come up with brilliance just blows my mind. He is very passionate and very certain about his music and knows what he likes. The first time I worked with him was as an audio engineer for one of his recording sessions, we were able to generate a vibe, and soon after I asked him to hop on the track, he agreed, spoke good things about the record too. I hope we work on a song again. Does "Let'm Know" represent how you plan on taking 2022, seeing that it's your first release of the year? Absolutely. This is my year, and the year after that too. I want to set the tone right, I love to be my biggest fan. And I am glad that fans are reacting so well to this song because that’s what I want more than anything, is for people to relate on a deeper level with this song, whatever that means to them, and use it as fuel.


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