ODEONS Teams Up With JOEY DJIA on the Atmospheric Pulse of, "I Can't Pretend"

Hailing from Finland, ODEONS is comprised of rock/pop producer duo Mikko Jaakkola and Pati. Their sound mixes elements of modern electronic pop with the rawness and sophistication of rock acts like Bush, Muse, and Faith No More.

When the duo first met back in 2013, they decided to break through with their signature guitar-based music. Although they have had several bands along the way, the challenge was to find an equally ambitious singer. So, in 2020 they agreed to start a producer duo that will collaborate with driven singers around the globe.

Collaborating with Australian vocalist JOEY DJIA on their latest release, “I Can’t Pretend,” the R&B essence of the atmospheric timbres thrives in the 80’s styled rock-infused universe produced by the musical instrumentation.

Worlds collide as the narrative flourishes on the themes of toxic love, and the ultimate soundscape offers up a sound that is both intimate and sanctioning. Elusively flowing through lush guitar riffs, ambient synths, and jaunty drum patterns, we can’t help but sway to the vibrancy that surfaces from such a buoyant realm of musicality.

JOEY DJIA’s soulful lyrical motifs paint vivid imagery to accompany the thesis of “I Can’t Pretend,” as we dive into the great depths of a tale progressing through the motions of coming to the breaking point in your toxic surroundings. When Grammy award-winning producer Sylvia Massy stated, ‘these guys know how to write guitar-driven music,’ we just had to find out for ourselves; and wow, this statement definitely holds up.