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ODEONS Vigorously Present How They're "Not The One."

Comprised of Mikko Jaakkola and Pati, the rock/pop producer duo ODEONS blast us into the fire with their latest scorching hot release, "Not The One."

ODEONS are best known for their sonic fusion between modern electronic pop merged with elements of acts like Bush, Muse, and Faith No More. While seeking ambitious and driven singers to feature on their tracks, ODEONS are excited to continue collaborating with talented vocalists around the globe.

Recently releasing their anthemic and guitar-driven single, "Not The One," ODEONS send listeners into a head-banging experience through their rhythmic instrumentals and powerful lyricism. While the lead vocalist delivers a stimulating and highly intriguing performance, ODEONS perfectly backs her up while leaving the listener feeling nothing but satisfied.

Jumping into the single, "Not The One," the track opens with a powerful lead guitar wailing in the foreground alongside a gut-wrenching rhythm guitar and ODEONS accompanying instrumentation. As the intriguing lead vocalist makes her raspy and low-toned vocal appearance, she perfectly sets the song's haunting and stimulating tone with lyrics of feeling down and out during these trying times.

We adore the contrast between the emotional and reflective lyricism and ODEONS's powerful production/instrumentation, as it makes for a memorable and conceptual listening experience. We're getting down and dirty with the song's darkness and deepness, especially as we reach the blistering hook where ODEONS and their vocalist drench us in all the heat and power we seek within the contemporary rock.

Don't miss out on ODEONS's anthemic single, "Not The One," now available to add to your playlist on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the energy and sonic stamina you've delivered within your recent single, "Not The One." What inspired the song's conceptual and powerful lyricism?

ODEONS has been on a strong musical empowerment journey for the last six months, thanks to our listeners and outlets like Buzz Music LA! We wanted to make sure our breakthrough rock single would fully embody that journey. As this endeavor is getting more interesting and inviting every day, we wanted to give our listeners something where our trademark sound is fused with an empowering universal message that has personal touchpoints for every listener. The concept for the lyrics is written from the point of view of the experiencer, with strong emotional cues to the everyday living of people from all walks of life. This metaphorical, but the individually emotional and touching narrative is what makes the song feel like a positive, uplifting soundtrack for the listener's own life. This is something we try to achieve with every song.

Who was the featured vocalist on your single "Not The One?" Is this your first time working with said vocalist? What was your collaborative experience like?

Unfortunately, we can't tell who he is. We worked with him already on "Allowed to fall", the song that put ODEONS on the map globally. His voice and style really complements our arrangements and makes our lyrics very relatable. The collaboration with him has been super friendly, down-to-earth, and highly professional. As one of the most talented rock vocalists on the scene today, he is such a pleasure to work with, that our relationship is likely to blossom even more in the future.

Could you elaborate on how your duo divided the creative process for "Not The One?" What strengths do you bring as individuals when creating a song?

The musical concept for "Not The One" started with a rough structure of various energetic riffs and rhythms that Pati had in his own riff library. After hearing them out Mikko took the riffs and the rough structure to his home studio (nicknamed "the pine cave"). In the confines of the pine cave, the song went through various iterations and versions to get the riffs, the dynamics, the hooks, and the rhythms right. After the rough cut of the musical arrangement was finished, Pati started writing the lyrics. As with the music, the lyric writing involves a lot of sparring with different ideas between us in ODEONS. We did some minor tweaks to the lyrics even in the recording stage, to make sure that we were conveying a relatable, empowering, and energetic message. After the vocals were done, Jeff Friedl from A Perfect Circle recorded amazing drums to the track that really energized the music in a new way. Then Pati composed the bassline and the lead guitar melody for the last chorus. So basically we work seamlessly as ODEONS with the two of us and with our collaborators in all stages of the production process. Collaboration is where the magic and the vision of ODEONS truly shines through. A really important person, a friend, and a genius musical collaborator is our "resident engineer" Juhis who mixed the song and added a number of enhancing acoustic and electronic elements to the mix. Juhis is Finland's best-kept secret when it comes to mixing! Mikko is our main talent in all-things DAW and Pro Tools, so his expertise in sound crafting and production workflow makes everything flow seamlessly. Mikko is also a genius in arranging pop melodies into raw rock songs, and that skill has really helped us in crafting strong hooks. The number of boutique pedals and guitar-related gizmos Mikko has is astounding. Mikko also knows the music market and is very data-, AI- and analytics-driven. Mikko has a real 360 outside-in view of the musical landscape. Pati's main area of expertise lies in musical and lyrical creation and concept crafting. Lately, Pati has been doing a lot of composing in terms of new tracks that we will either release ourselves or use as songwriting and collaboration ideas for other artists. Pati will also direct the music video for "Not the One", and the video will give a new perspective on the internal workings of ODEONS.

We also compose, arrange and produce everything together, so sharing that asset and complementing each other in many areas makes us stand out from the crowd.

What sort of sonic atmosphere you wanted to deliver within the instrumentals of "Not the One?"

With "Not the One" we really wanted to deliver a simple message on a global scale. And that message is: "This is ODEONS". For us, that means the culmination of the raw energy of rock to the hooks and melodic sensibilities of pop. Using those familiar elements to create something that is more than a sum of its parts, and marrying that to the undeniably human message of being truly who you are.

What would you like new listeners and fans to know about the music you create?

We are here for you and we are here because of you. Our whole mission is about collaboration with different artists and professionals, but we are gradually moving in the direction where we are hoping to connect more with the people that matter the most. Our listeners and fans.

What can we expect next?

"Not The One" will be released on July 30th and the music video for the song is currently in the works for a release in August. We have close to 10 new sizzling tunes written and are closing in on the releases for the rest of the year. So great music, great stories, and great experiences are coming up! Thanks again!


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