ODEONS Vigorously Present How They're "Not The One."

Comprised of Mikko Jaakkola and Pati, the rock/pop producer duo ODEONS blast us into the fire with their latest scorching hot release, "Not The One."

ODEONS are best known for their sonic fusion between modern electronic pop merged with elements of acts like Bush, Muse, and Faith No More. While seeking ambitious and driven singers to feature on their tracks, ODEONS are excited to continue collaborating with talented vocalists around the globe.

Recently releasing their anthemic and guitar-driven single, "Not The One," ODEONS send listeners into a head-banging experience through their rhythmic instrumentals and powerful lyricism. While the lead vocalist delivers a stimulating and highly intriguing performance, ODEONS perfectly backs her up while leaving the listener feeling nothing but satisfied.

Jumping into the single, "Not The One," the track opens with a powerful lead guitar wailing in the foreground alongside a gut-wrenching rhythm guitar and ODEONS accompanying instrumentation. As the intriguing lead vocalist makes her raspy and low-toned vocal appearance, she perfectly sets the song's haunting and stimulating tone with lyrics of feeling down and out during these trying times.

We adore the contrast between the emotional and reflective lyricism and ODEONS's powerful production/instrumentation, as it makes for a memorable and conceptual listening experience. We're getting down and dirty with the song's darkness and deepness, especially as we reach the blistering hook where ODEONS and their vocalist drench us in all the heat and power we seek within the contemporary rock.

Don't miss out on ODEONS's anthemic single, "Not The One," now available to add to your playlist on all digital streaming platforms.