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of Persephone’s Ethereal New Single “Intergalactic” Takes Listeners on a Sonic Odyssey

Blasting off from the heart of Atlanta, of Persephone is a band that has been revolutionizing the siren rock genre with its celestial sound and hypnotic storytelling. Led by the visionary Sarah Rae, the group has garnered many fans captivated by their entrancing musical narratives. Today, we're exploring their latest cosmic offering, "Intergalactic," and taking a deep dive into the artists behind this interstellar record.

Sarah Rae, the celestial queen of siren rock, began her odyssey into the music at 12. Fueled by her passion for creating a unique sound, she melded her love for synthesizers, pop/punk, shoegaze, and operatic vocals to forge a new genre. After a decade-long expedition into other artistic endeavours, she returned to the music scene in 2020 with a supernova-like explosion of creativity.

In 2021, of Persephone aligned, featuring Sarah Rae as the vocal and keyboard player, Steven Victor as the guitarist, Nicholas Mays as the drummer, and Chris Tinsley as the bassist. Their debut album, Bridge to Neverland, showcased a sound that was as vast and luminous as the cosmos itself, cementing the band's place in the siren rock scene. "Intergalactic," their latest single, epitomizes this ethereal sound.

"Intergalactic" is a sonic journey that transports listeners to the far reaches of, of Persephone's siren domain. The track begins with a shimmering guitar riff that sets the stage for Sarah Rae's otherworldly vocals. The composition is an intricate tapestry of interstellar synth and shoegaze elements, meticulously woven to create a transcendent auditory experience. The operatic vocals inject a wave of emotional intensity, while the pop/punk undercurrent keeps the song anchored to the serene but uplifting foundation of the song.

The lyrics of "Intergalactic" spin an enthralling tale that draws upon the rich tapestry of fairy tales and classic stories. This theme echoes through the very core of the band's music, providing listeners with a refreshing, nostalgic twist on modern rock. As the song unfolds, the listener is pulled deeper into the captivating production the band has created, with the music painting a vivid picture of iridescent colours and timeless voyages.

As of Persephone's star continues to rise in the music universe, it's clear that their unique sound resonates with listeners. With plans to embark on an exciting festival circuit and their interstellar tour, the band is well on their way to placing themselves as innovators in the rock scene.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, of persephone. How did you develop the concept of siren rock, and what were your biggest influences in creating this unique genre?

Siren Rock was born out of combining dream pop, indie rock, and my classical training as an opera singer! I wanted to create something powerful yet soft. Ethereal, yet modern. Relatable but also tantalizing. The real siren rock - the sound that's coming forward with the release of the Rainbow Road album - is encompassed with years of releases starting from soft indie pop with muted vocals to the post-rock elements of my first album, Bridge to Neverland. The true sound of siren rock has been born from what I have been searching for, and by listening to all of my listeners and the releases, they have loved both. Combining these two things has brought forward the brightest, best version of what siren rock encompasses.

What is the songwriting process like for of persephone, and how has it evolved since the band's formation?

All of the music from of persephone is written about personal experience. I was once taught by an improv teacher that relatable is better. I want people to relate to the ugly, gritty, and uncomfortable feelings that we all go through every single day. I don't want to write about reminiscing about my ex on a car ride. I want to reminisce about my toxic habits and how I battled those demons and overcame them on the other side of my Rainbow Road.

Can you share the story behind the inspiration for "Rainbow Road" and how it ties into the band's overall theme?

Rainbow Road as an album is not only a two-part release to shape my vision for siren rock but also shares my deepest, darkest fears coming out of a life where childhood trauma and wounds held me back for a long time. I'm at a place where I truly feel safe honouring my divine feminine and still respecting where my childhood came from. of persephone is aptly named to refer to being a part of the fable of the goddess, Persephone. So, to be of something is to embody its nature and spirit. Persephone is the Goddess of Spring but also the keeper of the River Styx. For anyone who doesn't know that story, the River Styx is the river of the damned where souls travel in and out of the underworld. She is light and dark, jubilant and brooding, life and death. Everyone has a yin and yang, where the term persephone originated. Rainbow Road embodies all of those fears and wonders at the same time.

What challenges did you face when transitioning from a solo project to a full band, and how did you overcome them?

A big part of the challenge, which is still a challenge today, was that I don't have a normal band composition. I am the writer, producer, and engineer behind of persephone. I have a live band, and a big hurdle was writing and releasing music they had to learn. It's not unheard of in pop music, but for an indie band, it was unique. As I sign with a booking manager and soon a record label, I will embrace performing solo again. I'll be moving to Los Angeles, where I will spend time developing more of a theatrical performance to give fans a truly unique experience that ties together elements of each that you wouldn't know unless you have seen me live.

What are your aspirations for the future of Persephone, and how do you hope to continue evolving your sound?

My aspirations include finalizing a record deal, a US tour, and, hopefully, an international tour within the next few years. Truthfully, siren rock has a unique sound that I have bred into something I adore. I wouldn't change the sound because it's unique to me and tells my story. I don't want polished pop, and I don't want my short stories to be changed. The only thing I would seek is to release the hat of the producer and engineer to a proper producer; once I've found one, I will not change what siren rock stands for. Siren Rock is vulnerable and ethereal, and I want it to stay that way when I am selling out stadiums full of people who want to feel vulnerable with me.

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