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Of The Fallen Journeys To The Souls Abyss With “Harlots”

Of The Fallen's latest release, "Harlots," featuring Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari, is a haunting and gripping journey into the depths of the human psyche. This deathcore act from Houston, Texas, has risen since its establishment in 2019, and "Harlots" is a testament to their powerful and unique sound.

The track opens with a foreboding atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire piece. The guitars begin to weave a haunting and beautiful melody, leading the listener deeper into the abyss. The vocals come in unrelenting ferocity, delivering the story of a man succumbing to his dark desires. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a man losing himself to his demons and becoming vulnerable to the seductive powers of the Maiden of Anguish.

Of The Fallen's sound is a mix of different metal genres, including deathcore, death metal, black metal, and metalcore. But to label their music as any of these genres would be a disservice to their unique sound. They blend guitar melodies, chaotic riffs, screeching highs, blasting beats, and bumping bass to create a heavy, atmospheric sound. With three guitars, they can achieve an extra chug that adds to the overall impact of their music.

One of the most impressive things about Of The Fallen is their dedication to their fans. They have cultivated a community of heavy music lovers supporting them online and in person. They have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the metal scene, including Attila, Origins, Filth, The Convalescence, and more. Their first music video, "Lamentations," reached over 30k views and surpassed 100k streams on Spotify within its first eight months.

The band's popularity is quickly growing on social media, and they have been able to parlay that into small tour runs in Texas. Their dedication to their craft is evident in everything they do, from songwriting to online presence. They strive to make the music they want and have fun while creating a community where they and their fans can unite and share their love for heavy music.

The guitar melodies, riffs, power cores, and driving forces are at the track's core. The guitars are layered to create a dense, full sound, with each riff and melody working together to create a dynamic and engaging sonic landscape. The guitar tones are rich and heavy, with plenty of distortion and crunch, giving the track a true metal edge. The bass guitar is also an essential element in "Harlots," providing a solid foundation for the rest of the instruments to build on with its propulsive chug that gives a deep weight to the tone of the song…as deep as hell, if you will, adding an extra layer of intensity to the track.

The drums on "Harlots" are equally impressive, with blasting beats, thunderous double bass kicks, and explosive fills that propel the track forward. The drummer's precision and speed are displayed throughout the song, with complex and intricate patterns that perfectly complement the guitar and bass riffs.

The addition of Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari on vocals is also a standout feature of "Harlots." Eichelberger's piercing screams and growls perfectly complement the already impressive vocal performance of Of The Fallen's lead vocalist, creating a dynamic and powerful duet that will leave a lasting impression on the listener. Overall, "Harlots" is a hard-hitting, intense, and emotional track showcasing Of The Fallen's talent and creativity and will appeal to heavy music fans everywhere.

It is written in blood, "Harlots" is a testament to Of The Fallen's unique sound and dedication to their craft. The track is a journey into the dark recesses of the human psyche, and the band's ability to create such a powerful and haunting atmosphere is a testament to their talent. With their growing popularity, it's clear that Of The Fallen is a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Of The Fallen. Praise to you, dark lords, on the latest drop, "Harlots," you have such a diverse sound and your music is often described as deathcore, but it also incorporates elements of other heavy genres like black metal and metalcore. How do you balance these influences and create a unique sound for Of The Fallen?

Every single one of us brings to the table our own different styles of playing, writing and what we listen to. All of us in OTF seem to have a different genre of music we dwell in. Wayne jams more metalcore and "butt" rock (lmao) with sprinkles of deathcore, Waylon loves old school death metal and anything with blast beats, Rob, our vocalist, jams anything with some deep grooves, I.E. lamb of God, Slipknot, Dyscarnate, Sylosis. While Travis is mainly deathcore (old school), and Alexis is pretty much the guru of music and jams everything and anything death metal of today's world to Opeth and alot of non-metal bands. We use that to establish our sound as a band and how we write. We do not like pushing out the same stuff repeatedly, and we pride ourselves on always having something a little different. "Harlots" features Daniel Eichelberger of Mirari on guest vocals, and his performance adds an extra layer of intensity to the track. Can you talk about how this collaboration came about and what it was like working with him in the studio?

So the collab was a long time coming; we've been friends with Daniel for a few years. I don't even remember how we started to become friends with him and the bands he has been in. I'm sure it was probably a show we all played and hit it off together. But anyways, we've wanted to work with him because he has some monster vocals, as you can hear from his part in "Harlots." As for the studio, we couldn't work with him directly (life and band stuff always seem to come up). But we did get to work with him in the video shoot. And let's say it was fun lmao. It was his first-ever Music video. But it turned out to be one great experience. Also, one of us almost died shooting the video like legit. The lyrics for "Harlots" are very dark and intense, dealing with themes of succumbing to one's own demons and desires. How do you approach writing lyrics for your music, and what themes or ideas are most important to you as a band?

Rob: "My approach to writing lyrics is fairly simple and straightforward. Most of the time, it starts with listening to the song at practice while it's being worked out and freestyling over it when they run through it at rehearsal. There I find patterns and rhythms I like and want to work on. From there, I figure out what I want it to be about, take a song recording, and write the words to it. We have a specific theme or storyline we want to tell for most of the music we've put out and will be putting out. I then take each song and mould the lyrics to tell the part of the story I feel that song best represents. Some songs we're working on have a pre-determined story or ideas we want to write about, but there are others that I write about what I'm feeling, experiences, and ideas that are close to me and some of the other members of the band. Of The Fallen has quickly gained a following locally and online, with a strong presence on social media. How has the band's online presence helped you connect with fans and grow your audience for "Harlots?"

So we all have day jobs, and we can't always be out and about talking with everyone we can. So instead, we use social media for our fans to see something funny that will make them feel a part of OTF—a way to decompress every day. And we always love interacting with fans online and in person. We also know that without fans and people supporting us, we would not be close to where we are today. What advice would you give aspiring metal musicians starting out and looking to make a name for themselves in the industry? How does "Harlots" reflect your journey as a band, and what can we expect from Of The Fallen in the future?

Advice-wise, we would love to say do not look at others' success and think you are not worthy or feel behind. Every single band and artist has their own time and their own means to Succeed. Everything you do does matter, but having fun, learning, and experiencing your life as a band matters. As for making a name not sure, tbh; we're still trying and learning ourselves. But one thing we noticed is to be yourself honestly while standing out amongst the thousands of bands.

And most importantly, your fans and your community matter. Harlots is a real stepping stone musically, visually, And emotionally for us. Harlots showcases our evolution as a band and how we have grown and embraced our sound as a band through the last few years. We've always had this notion that everything we do as a band truly matters, and for our future, we are bringing even more heavy writing, with melodies, more content of all types and shows that will bring the breee breee.


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