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Official Problem Weaves Regions Together With His New Hit “New York”

Official Problem brought his New York attitude onto a California beat with his new single “New York”. “New York” beat had the cali hype energy that reminded me a lot like the beats in a YG hit. “New York” had my head swaying back and forth because the beat was so grimy and just hit the party nerve in my body. Official Problem has a raspy and gritty articulation to his vocal tone so he added that mean attitude to his flow which was fitting for the bass slapping song. The lyrics were catchy and had highly dope bars that had me repeating! There’s most definitely room for Official Problem in today’s music industry and we’re anticipating to see what else he comes up with. I mean if it’s as fresh and wavy as “New York” then we are almost positive he won’t have any issue connecting with the audience.

In my personal opinion, I believe energetic, hype rap songs could be his “niche” in music. However, another part of me is interested in seeing what else he could possibly deliver that could show a touch of versatility to his style while also remaining true to the New York attitude he has in his delivery. Being a product of your environment could be highly beneficial in your music and Official Problem represents that idea to its fullest. He has no shame in repping his background and it’s obviously noted in the title of the record. In the meantime, while we wait and anticipate his future releases we could get jiggy with “New York” !

Listen to "New York" here and get to know more about Official Problem below!

Growing up in New York, how did this environment impact your style of music?

New York environment has taught me everything that I know today. It's a concrete jungle and there is no doubt about that, New York stresses the importance of being street smart and watching your 6 AT ALL TIMES. All the things that I've seen and the things that I've done has molded me into a different breed.

Do you have any personal music influences? If so who and why!?

My music inspirations have to be the old heads like 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, Nipsey, and Nas. But my personal influencer would have to be my pops, he put me on to GOOD music that inspires me to make even better music. These are my influencers because everything they spit you felt. Old school bars and beats we're raw ASF and there was no faking it.

What’s the main theme in “New York” and how does the title reflect it?

The main theme in "New York" would have to be money, power, and respect. Cash rules EVERYTHING around me so you know I got to get it. Everyone got a different hustle which makes New York diverse, but it also comes with the bad. I choose the title New York, based off how I feel every time I step out the crib. I feel like the man, so why not make a track about it.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

My main challenges in my music career would have to be exposing my music and finding the right team. My team got to be on the same type of timing at all times. I got the music the streets want to hear and that's only half the battle. Now I got to get my music out in the right hands to make it happen. The music industry is always changing which is why playlisting is the new wave. If you want your music to be heard you got to try to be on some known playlists.

When can we expect the next hit from you Official Problem?

My next single will be out late May early June. My next track Poseidon will put me on the map... You heard it first from Buzz Music LA.


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