Olai Takes Us Home in “Wuu2"

Olai is a Sweden based Alternative Rock artist who uses classic synths in his music production. After signing out with the Atlanta based label Out of Class Records, Olai is here again with a brand new release that has flairs of indie, folk, pop, and alternative rock. A tease us of his upcoming album ‘Silver Linings,’ which is expected to release in 2020.

Olai’s newest single “Wuu2” opens up with an alternative groove but with an entirely electronic feeling that brings us the utmost joy in Olai’s use of exciting melodies and riffing guitars that drive the song home. Within the chorus of “Wuu2”, we were introduced to highlights of what Olai is capable of a singer. Through the use of his incredibly catchy hook “Carry on carry on” and the softer side of his voice, we couldn’t help but feel comforted by the magic that Olai has presented to our ears. With its use of both transitional alternative rock and electronic elements, it felt incredibly comfortable for us to listen. Combined with Olai’s magical songwriting, “Wuu2” is a record that we thoroughly enjoyed listening to from start to end, and we cannot wait to hear the rest of the ‘Silver Linings’ album later this year.

Fall in love with “Wuu2” here.


Hello Olai! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving that comforting blend between alternative rock and electronica, what inspired you to fuse these two styles? Do you have any idols that do this?

Hello, thanks for having me BuzzMusic. About Wuu2, I wanted to do something that sounded a bit old-school but still had a modern vibe. I have always loved rock from the 70s and 80s, like for example Queen, Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen, but also more modern bands like White Lies, The Killers, Luftmensch and Ghost. So there are many artists that inspire me and that kind of do the same. 

Your release “Wuu2” feels like one of those songs that hits home, what was your initial intention to deliver when writing this song? What do the lyrics mean to you?

The lyrics are actually inspired by 1984, by George Orwell with phrases like "Now here come the thought police, claiming war is peace". The lyrics are the most essential element in the song I would say and so I wanted to make the vocals as clear as possible but still fit the overall sound. And musically, I knew quite early that I wanted it to be more of a rock song then say folkpop, which I had done a lot earlier. 

With this interesting fusion you have of alternative rock and electronica, do you see yourself diving into new styles? How does “Wuu2” compare to the rest of the album?

There will certainly be similarities between "Wuu2" and the rest of the album. Some songs will be more bass-driven though while others will be more focused on the guitars, but overall there will be a fusion between alternative rock and electronica for sure. 

Since leaving Out of Class Records, how do you feel you have grown as an artist and songwriter? Do you see yourself keeping as an independent artist or do you wish to become signed again?

I feel that I have had time to develop my sound since leaving OFC records. I took a break from music for a while and read quite a lot too, like for example George Orwell and British poetry from the Romantics, which inspired me as well in my songwriting. And for now, I want to be an independent artist. I like the freedom and to work at my own pace, but still with help from my friends. We'll see what happens in the future though, but right now I want to be independent. 

Aside from your new album, what else can we expect from you in 2020?

I will work a lot and play live as much as possible, through livestreams right now. I have a few gigs booked now and more to come. Lastly, I hope that we all take care of each other during these troubling times and remember that we're never alone.