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OLI Reminds Us That It's Okay to "Think About It"

The London-based alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter OLI pays tribute to racing minds everywhere with her lush and introspective single, "Think About It."

Since her debut last year, OLI's music has made its way to various audiences through her ethereal and lush soundscapes complemented by her expansive and ingenious visual perspectives. Inspired by acts like Sade, Dion Warwick, Stereophonics, Supergrass, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd, OLI found herself receiving many creative opportunities, most notably working with legendary producer Beeny D.

Through its mid-tempo pop beats and soothing sonic atmosphere, "Think About It" is bound to land in the heart of any listener. As OLI reveals her inner thoughts during the dark night while offering an ode to those whose minds are perpetually spinning, she ultimately graces listeners with a sense of relief and acceptance.

Listening to "Think About It," we're met with ghostly background vocals and gentle drum breaks. As OLI begins vocalizing over a serene piano melody and a thumping kick, she later reminds listeners of the hardships that linger in her mind time and time again. While the instrumentation picks up around the hook, OLI offers listeners a breath of fresh air as she begins to accept her continuous train of thought.

Diving deeper into OLI's lyricism, she expands on appreciative moments where family and friends were able to lend a shoulder to cry on and the sane advice she sought. With a soothing and groovy brass addition on the bridge, the song makes its way to the outro while OLI leaves listeners with a heartfelt tribute to the racing mind.

Don't be afraid to "Think About It" with OLI's latest single, now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, OLI. We highly appreciate the relatable and needed words within your recent single, "Think About It." What inspired you to write a song based on the racing mind? Thank you! I remember back in Feb 2020 there was just constant awful news on the tv and on social media. I ended up thinking a lot about how terrible things can be and how lucky I clearly was. It was a weird back and forth between sympathy and guilt. I wanted the lyrics to show that there are times when you will be overwhelmed in your own mind and no matter how often you tell yourself you aren’t thinking about it, you probably are. What was it like working with Benny D for "Think About It?" How did you create the sonics to amplify the song's emotion? I love working with Benny, not only is he ridiculously talented but he doesn’t dominate the writing process at all, allowing you to genuinely create something you love. Sonically we tried to aim for a specific feeling with “Think About It”. I wanted it to seem dreamy-like someone was just talking to themselves internally. But it also had to keep moving and building throughout. Moody brass and synth sounds, plus a lot of vocal layering too. I wanted there to be little bits you’d have to pay attention to.

Why did you want to spice up the sonics with a soulful brass addition around the bridge within "Think About It?" I really didn’t want to saturate the song with my voice. The instrumental is beautiful, and I wanted to hear more of it! Taking the listener away from the main song for a moment. We played around with some different options, but the brass paired with the light piano riff was perfect. How has the London music scene inspired you and helped mold your brand? Do you feel that your music would have sounded different if you had stayed in New Jersey? I think the music scene in London is extremely special, a lot of the time artists are genuinely encouraging other artists. You end up writing with people in different genres and finding out what you want to sound like and represent. My music style and taste are heavily influenced by the people I’ve been around in London, I imagine New Jersey would have been much more isolated. There’s just so much choice in London when it comes to music. It’s inspiring. What's your favorite release of 2021, from an independent artist you admire? Laurel’s Song “Appetite” must be my favorite release. The lyrics were abrasive but also seriously eloquent. The video alone was impressive and cool. I like an artist that feels very sure of what they are and what their style is. Laurel’s music has always seemed that way to me.


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