Olivier Invites Us to Reflect on Our Inner "War"

The emerging pop artist and singer-songwriter Olivier releases his stunningly emotional debut single and accompanying music video entitled "War."

Not only holding a passion for music, Olivier is well versed in the entertainment industry by way of modeling with IMG models in NY and LA, while also being featured on Times Square billboards, New York Men's Fashion Week, and many more. Also a mélange of various cultures, Olivier takes influence from his American, German, and Haitian descent.

Now releasing his heartbreaking and moving debut single and music video, "War," listeners and viewers are able to get a solid and captivating glimpse of Olivier's sweet sound. When asked about the single itself, Olivier mentioned, "'War' is about fighting a war within yourself, acknowledging the uncertainty that comes with internal struggles, and reaching out to others to get help while fighting your inner demons."

Taking a look at Olivier's music video for "War," the venture begins with Olivier slowly releasing his inner demons in a rage room and smashing various items to pieces. While he continues singing his emotional lyricism alongside the tender piano melodies, we later see scenes of Olivier basking in the cold winter days and letting us into his vulnerable and fragile state of mind.

The video transitions again with scenes of Olivier serenading us by the piano and reminding us to reach out to loved ones when in the middle of our inner "War." We adore the limitless and relatable emotion placed into this video, as it genuinely offers needed elements to our independent music scene.

Introduce yourself to Olivier's debut music video, "War," available to watch on YouTube. Find the single "War" o