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Olivier Invites Us to Reflect on Our Inner "War"

The emerging pop artist and singer-songwriter Olivier releases his stunningly emotional debut single and accompanying music video entitled "War."

Not only holding a passion for music, Olivier is well versed in the entertainment industry by way of modeling with IMG models in NY and LA, while also being featured on Times Square billboards, New York Men's Fashion Week, and many more. Also a mélange of various cultures, Olivier takes influence from his American, German, and Haitian descent.

Now releasing his heartbreaking and moving debut single and music video, "War," listeners and viewers are able to get a solid and captivating glimpse of Olivier's sweet sound. When asked about the single itself, Olivier mentioned, "'War' is about fighting a war within yourself, acknowledging the uncertainty that comes with internal struggles, and reaching out to others to get help while fighting your inner demons."

Taking a look at Olivier's music video for "War," the venture begins with Olivier slowly releasing his inner demons in a rage room and smashing various items to pieces. While he continues singing his emotional lyricism alongside the tender piano melodies, we later see scenes of Olivier basking in the cold winter days and letting us into his vulnerable and fragile state of mind.

The video transitions again with scenes of Olivier serenading us by the piano and reminding us to reach out to loved ones when in the middle of our inner "War." We adore the limitless and relatable emotion placed into this video, as it genuinely offers needed elements to our independent music scene.

Introduce yourself to Olivier's debut music video, "War," available to watch on YouTube. Find the single "War" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Olivier, and congratulations on releasing your debut single, "War." Why did you want to make your debut with such an emotional and moving piece? Why did you choose this song to introduce yourself to new listeners?

Thank you for letting me express myself BuzzMusic as I find expression to be one of the highest forms of nutrition. Coming into the music scene as a pop artist, it is, and will forever be super important for me to make music that reflects not only my reality but also the reality of millions of others. My song “War” encaptures this fully with lyrics that came from the deepest parts of my heart. By setting the precedent as something so raw and truthful, I’m certain I will always have a real and legitimate relationship with my fans, as I know many others can relate to topics I sing of. Oftentimes, people, have trouble opening up to others about their feelings, and instead of spilling their whole heart out, they’d rather ease into it. I’m not that kind of person. For me, it’s far more comfortable to be as transparent as possible from the jump so that there are no secrets to my emotions and quite honestly, I think this may be the healthier way of doing it. Coming out with such a moving piece as the introduction to my viewers enables them to feel the real me loud and clear, which is what I am all about.

What inspired you to write a single surrounding inner turmoil with "War?" Was it challenging to be so vulnerable when writing this single?

“War” was inspired by a vast feeling of loneliness and hopelessness. A large part of it was due to the fact that I had stopped being friends with a few people I was close to for years, and for the first time in my life, I truly had no one to turn to— so I turned to myself. This resulted in me essentially waging war against my own inner demons which is what sparked the idea to write this song as an outlet. Knowing that anybody could hear this song once released was something I had to act blind to in order to put the song out. I didn’t want everybody to know me as a super sad person because I definitely have my good share of happy moments, but in thinking of this concept, I realized that there is beauty in people’s own perspectives of me and the song. You can never please everybody and I’m ok with that because a variety of opinions means people are thinking on their own which I can appreciate.

Regarding your music video for "War," did you have any help behind the scene when shooting and editing the video? Or did you fly solo on this process?

In regards to the music video for “War”, I did not have any major help behind-the-scenes shooting or editing the video. It was just me sitting alone in my room brainstorming ideas for the music video when I remembered seeing someone on Instagram in a rage room which is what inspired me. After coming up with the ideas for the scenes, I hit up my friend and videographer Darren, who instantly saw my vision and promised to bring it to life. It just so happened that our shoot day was the day after a blizzard so NYC was covered in snow as you can see in parts of the video which gave it that cold feel it was meant to have.

What inspired the scenes within your music video, "War," of you releasing your anger in a rage room? Was this meant to represent the chaos in one's mind?

Since the song is about fighting a battle within ones’ self, I wanted the video to visualize what that looked like. Being destructive is a clear sign of unstableness and in smashing glasses and printers to pieces, I was able to demonstrate the chaos of what was going on in my mind. Loneliness comes with a load of helplessness which is a feeling that evokes the fight or flight response. The feeling of not being able to control your life is something that will really either make or break you and in this video I let the objects take the hit instead of inflicting it on mental. The fact that there are many lines that can be drawn between the song and video is something I intentionally did to invoke personal perceptions which will, in turn, form an emotional attachment to the piece. It’s almost like when you look at a painting and form your own relationship and perception of it which will forever be unique to you.

What's next?

Next, is a song about an unstable relationship that is destined for failure. Just as loneliness drains you of your energy, being in a hopeless relationship can do the same. It hurts, even more, when you both want it to work out but it’s just too obvious that the puzzle pieces don’t match. This upcoming song is essentially a last effort to glue a relationship but at the same time acknowledging the hurt of your partner which makes it feel useless to even try. The song will also be accompanied by a music video that will have a million parallels to the lyrics. I don’t quite have a name for it yet, but it will be my most intimate song yet since it’s based on a relationship I had that ended in flames. It will speak of the beginning of the end of a relationship.


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