Olly E Gets Back To His Roots On Latest Release, “Connections”

Olly E is an Alternative Rock singer-songwriter from Leicestershire, UK. As an outsider, Olly E has been fueled by a sense of belonging, as reflected in his lyrics when thoughts spill out onto the white blank page. Seeking solace in songwriting, Olly E aims to give hope to those who feel lost or alone through his music. From production to vocals, Olley E aims to feed your soul with the most authentic sounds.

As we enter into "Connections," we hear the ramblings of an electric guitar that moves through our entire body. Olly E begins with a powerful message of letting go of the ego and being who we truly are. In addition, he encourages us to be open to ourselves and others in a way we all need to do more.

"Connections" opens the gate to an open mind and self-acceptance, and Olly E is the gatekeeper holding the lyrical key. Open your gate today and stream Olly E's "Connections" today. d you, you know I need you now." "Connections" showcases Olly E's lyrical dexterity, as he seamlessly interchanges between singing and rapping, demonstrating his versatility.

"Connections" open the gate to an open mind and self-acceptance, and Olly E is the gatekeeper holding the lyrical key. Open your gate and stream Olly E's "Connections" today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Olly E, and congratulations on your latest release "Connections." We notice many aspects that sound unique to the average alternative track. What would you say your main insporation was and what did you do differently with this record that you'd like to share?

The track is written about the need to come together and forget our differences in order to create a better world but musically I’m inspired by acts such as Twenty One Pilots to create a balance between rock and pop. Having Falsetto vocals in the chorus is something I’ve never done before which I think brings the chorus to life.

Your genre is one of the most dominant all-around, but yours has a great message. What would you like your listeners to take away from the record "Connections?"

I’d like to leave listeners with the thought of being kinder to those they know because that makes the world a better place.

As an indie artist, was it a difficult process to find your sound and how do you think you've developed it throughout your music career?

I’ve been writing music since before my teens so it’s been a natural progression through the years originally writing metal songs and gradually getting lighter as my tastes change. The balance between rock and pop needs to be the right fit to bring it out as an Olly E single. I visualize my sound as something which would fit in a graffiti-covered alleyway haha.

Considering all aspects of your career, what is the best piece of advice you'd received that you'd like other artists to take in and implement?

Do as much as you can keeping quality in mind and never compare yourself to other artists.

What's next for you?

I’m currently building a backing band with the hope of touring later in the year whilst searching for the backing of a record label and booking agent.