Omar Jaber’s Positive Outlook on Life Fuels Desire to Inspire

The Toronto based singer/songwriter Omar Jaber is an artist who creates music that comes from deep within his soul. Taking in notes of country, and dashes of soft rock and folk, Omar Jaber then uses his guitar as a tool to create memorable hooks that beautifully compliments his own honest voice. We found this especially true in his most recent release “Scars,” it is fully explicit on how Omar Jaber accepts mistakes he has made in the past and how he will move past them to be better.

All in all, Omar Jaber is an incredibly positive person and has a positive perspective on life, and this is the type of energy that a lot of people need to be hearing right now. With an upcoming single titled “Wedding Season” set to release soon and then an EP in the fall, Omar Jaber has a lot of new material for us to absorb.

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