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Omri Ash Bears Witness To His Desire For Life In, ‘’Testifying Desire’’

Israel-based musician and filmmaker Omri Ash is 22 years old. "Testifying Desire" is the sixth and last song from his EP of the same name, which was released on July 21, 2022. Using themes from his personal life as inspiration, "Testifying Desire" ranges from present trap percussion and anthem rock to 80s rhythms and synths. Omri Ash’s inspirational music comes from his heart and soul. He joined the Israeli Navy at 18 to work as a military photographer and editor for the spokesperson division. After being discharged from the military, he began pursuing his passion for creating music that tells stories while fusing different genres. 'Testifying Desire,' the EP, is a journey through Ash’s life, including divorce, growing up in the middle east, being a prodigy, burning out, his service in the military, falling in and out of love, and so much more. In a distinctive alternative approach that closes the EP, "Testifying Desire," the song looks to the future and expresses hope. This song is a living manifesto of what Omri Ash wants in life, a wish list for the future, as he calls it. "Testifying Desire" is a musical creation full of meaning that talks about a desire to live a momentous life full of emotions, thrills, and love. This somewhat melancholic song provides a chill beat and vibe, along with powerful lyrics of embracing and welcoming whatever life throws your way.

Let your mind and soul be taken on a trip of empathic soul-sharing. "Testifying Desire" closes the EP in a cathartic and somewhat nostalgic fashion while telling a story of ambitions and hope.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Omri Ash. 'Testifying Desire,' the EP, is a journey through moments you’ve lived. What was your process to close the EP with "Testifying Desire?"

The first concept had “Testifying Desire” be the first track, as a way of looking at the future and declaring intent and desire. But after constructing most songs, I realized the journey created the desire, not the other way around. Only through experiencing life can you understand what you want.

How do you connect with your listeners through your lyrical manifesto in "Testifying Desire?"

Storytelling is all about creating emotion, and the best way I know how to create emotion is through sharing my personal truths and experiences. Vulnerability is the key to connecting with people for me.

What is one thing you need to see fulfilled from your life’s wish list in the coming year? Why?

For me, this next year is about officially joining the full of opportunities, a free world after finishing my military service. It’s about relearning how to be myself and who I want to be. After this last year, I kind of relearned to walk again; next year might be the year I start running.

How do you connect society's current lack of appreciation to negative feelings which you embrace in "Testifying Desire?"

I think it’s kind of obvious that people don’t like feeling sad. I think being sad reveals interesting truths about us, the idea of being sad is not one to be glorified, but it is not the evil beast we make it to be. "Testifying Desire" talks about how true fulfillment can come in different ways, and I accept sadness to be one of those ways.

What's next for you?

It's difficult to say what's next; I’m going to film school soon and hoping to get into a Netflix-funded program. I’m working on some music in Hebrew I think is amazing, but it’s going to be difficult to find large audiences for that. There are just so many songs, on my phone, on my desktop, just waiting to be made. I guess I just need to finish ‘em and get better at it as I go along.


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