On His Latest Project, the Atlanta Based Rapper, "Jr." is Re-focusing His Sights on the Hip-hop Game

Since releasing his 2019, JJVK assisted single, "Really I'm That," which has merited over 85 thousand plays on Spotify since October, Louiseville native "KentuckyATLien" AKA "Jr.," has been testing his limits with various singles from his upcoming EP, "The Chronicles." As the founder of his own independent label, "Young Legends Ent.", this Atlanta based rapper has offered a sampled taste of his seamless flow with the release of "NIN."

His new song "NIN" is a retrospective on the impatience he feels for success with a narration of past temperaments and boasts on future opportunities. Right from the start, a catchy hook that instigates a call-back hollar, "Woa, Wait, I 'ma need it now," from deep within your chest, establishing the motif of this tune. Here, his raps are more personalized incantations than anything more; he recites the hook to himself like a prayer or mantra. Throughout, reprising adlibs that bounce off what feels like reflective walls are abundant and welcomed, as it reinforces the tone of this straight forward single. Distant Chiming flute samples that enhance the escapade of scampering bells upfront are the main attraction in terms of production, as the consequent lyrical slashing found in the verses scrub our ears of all (if any) doubt in Jr.'s talents. On "NIN," Jr's short verses are condensed and penetrate through the production with an intense rhythm as if he does not need breath. As the tune comes to its smooth exit, an oscillating bass is the final one to depart, leaving us with an uplifted feeling, and an energized grin.

Discover "NIN" here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jr.! We're excited to be featuring your newest single, "NIN." Can you tell us more about how this song developed for you? Is NIN an acronym, or does it mean something else?

I’m excited and thankful to be able to talk with you guys again! NIN was made earlier this year in like a day or two in late February. As soon as I heard the beat it just spoke to me and I knew I had something special I could make to bring energy into this new decade and into the summer time. NIN stands for “Need It Now”.. I wanted to make a song that would motivate people to not waste any time and to strive and make success happen now... because why wait? We’re in a new decade with a deadly virus that’s taken a chokehold on our country and mindsets. That should motivate anybody!

It's probably taken some time to build your own unique tones and lyricism, so what has been one of the most important milestones for your creative inspiration most recently?

I’ve just recently realized how much I’ve grown as an artist and rapper. From being told I sound like Drake, to being told I sound like a “nerd rapper”, to being told I just sound completely different.. the growth in variations of my sound are so expandable that it’s kind of hard to pin point it? I think I always wanted to be an artist that is out of the box but can still rap lyrically with the best rappers but make music at the same level as the hit-making elites.. so I think at this point I’m just happy to be able be in my own lane of making music where people will know I can be an artist on a record and not solidify me to one sound. Basically.. just being universally creative as an artist and rapper is what I’m proud of at this point if that can answer that question more directly. Also hitting over 160k plays all together right now on Spotify has been a bit of a blessing for me!

How have you evolved as an artist since you first began making music and how heavily inspired do you feel from your origins in Louisville?

I’ve evolved so much since 2015 that it’s crazy. I learned how to use my voice and then I learned how to be creative with it. So nowadays people may think I’m being too creative at times but back then people thought I wasn’t being creative enough.. or at least I didn’t think I was (lol). Louisville will forever be my inspiration. We’re in the midst of something special with rappers like Bryson Tiller, Jack Harlow, 2KBABY making noise in the music game now.. there’s still many really, really creative and talented artists with different variations of sounds that is slowly bubbling and ready to take a hold of the game.. like me. There’s so much culture in our city with the state of Kentucky touching 7 different states and Louisville being labeled “the gateway to the South” since we’re right across the river from Indiana and only like an hour from Cincinnati, OH. I truly believe my city is special when it comes to talent nowadays... none of us really have the exact same sound. We’re a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and regions.

It was great having you back here on BuzzMusic! Do you plan on collaborating with anyone in the future?

How do you plan on promoting your upcoming EP that's set to release on the 19th? — Thank you so much for having me and I have a lot of collaborations in mind, but I’ve been recording a lot of music that has just been me on it solo. So right now that’s how I’m coming this summer for sure. My project does have one collab on it with my bro JJVK on my song “Really I’m That”. I’m wanting people to take “NIN” in for now and then hear the rest of the songs on the project once it drops. No surprise drops or loosies are coming before the 19th. NIN is all anybody is getting for now. But I will be dropping the tracklist for it soon so people can know how many songs and what to expect on it.

What can fans expect next from you?

Expect a few music videos after the project drops. And.. actually, this project is the pre-project before the tape which will be called “The Chronicles of the Misunderstood”. I technically have a story I’m unraveling right now. Piece by piece. Also.. expect a few more short films and more acting work from me since I’ve dove back in the acting world last year after being on hiatus for a few years!